F2 Driver Victor Martins Comes Within Inches Of Taking Out Marshal On Track

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The Formula 2 Monaco Grand Prix nearly resulted in tragedy Sunday when driver Victor Martins almost ran over a race marshal.

The incident occurred when Jack Doohan’s car caught fire after 22 laps. Several marshals went out on track to help put out the flames.

A double yellow flag was waved, but Martins didn’t slow down. He zoomed around the wreckage — narrowly missing one marshal by just inches.

F2 Driver Victor Martins Comes Within Inches Of Taking Out Marshal On Track

The Frenchman received a drive through penalty, but many fans believed he deserved a harsher punishment.

“He should have been disqualified from the race,” one Twitter user said.

“How on earth Victor Martins is still in the race after what he did is unbelievable,” another fan said. “Should have been black flagged and banned for the next event.” 

But Martins’ mishap isn’t the first time racing has come under scrutiny for safety hazards.

In April, Esteban Ocon narrowly missed a group of F1 staff and photographers at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

But he blamed the personnel for the close call because they walked into the pits when the race was still happening.

Also, Lando Norris almost hit someone walking directly across the pit entrance during an F1 race in Miami earlier this month.

Regardless, that marshal should be counting his lucky stars tonight.

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