Extended Vacation: Chicago’s Teacher Union Refuses In-Person Work

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Make no mistake, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) spent their holiday break working long and hard — to find a way to extend their vacation.

Classes were canceled on Wednesday, the first day back post-holidays, after the CTU voted not to return to in-person work. A whopping 73% of union members voted to stay home, citing COVID-19 concerns for why they are refusing to go back to the classroom.

It’s almost is though they know masks aren’t working and that the vaccinated are still getting COVID…

“Let us be clear. The educators of this city want to be in their classrooms with their students,” said a statement released by the union. These warriors of education claim they reached their decision “with a heavy heart and a singular focus on student and community safety.”

Now, kids and teachers alike from the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will sit home and learn in their pjs — if and when they want.

Neither the CPS or Chicago Public Health Department supports the union’s decision, and they will not count the time away from the classroom as actual school days.

“To be clear, what CTU is seeking cannot be counted as an instructional day under state law and guidance. This is a work stoppage,” said a statement released by the school district.

Pedro Martinez, the Chicago Public Schools CEO, in no way supports the CTU’s decision to stay home, telling the media: “There is no evidence that our schools are unsafe.

“The amount of noise that’s out there right now, the amount of misinformation, we have so many people that are afraid, from parents to staff, because of the misinformation,” Martinez added.

Even Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s mayor and a reliable COVID crusader, stood behind the CPS in opposing the union’s refusal to return to the classroom.

“There is no basis in the data, the science or common sense for us to shut an entire system down when we can surgically do this at a school level where needed,” said Lightfoot.

Per the Chicago Sun-Times, Lightfoot was even more adamant about schools staying open when she held a press conference on Tuesday afternoon at a Chicago police station:

“Why on Earth, when we don’t need to pause, would we pause and risk falling back into the same old trap?

“The worst thing we can do is shut the whole system down,” Lightfoot insisted.

Sadly, it looks like the CTU has already done that.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Fire every single one that voted to stay home. Dead serious. It’s the only way. Give them one more vote where the only two options are a) I vote to return to the class room b) I request termination of my employment, effective immediately.

  2. Gotta love the same chicken little democrats who have consistently spread covid fear porn now wondering why their constituents are afraid to go to work. They’re even citing the same statistics that those of us with two brain cells to rub together have been screaming about for a year and a half.

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