Exclusive: ESPN Requiring All Employees to Get Fully Vaccinated to Work Games

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ESPN has sent an email to staffers warning they must be fully vaccinated in order to work remote game assignments this season, according to various emails obtained by OutKick.

While this email was sent to previous temporary workers, it’s in response to ESPN’s company policy.

This is the least surprising development since ESPN re-signed each of its race-baiters over the past 12 months. Nevertheless, the requirement is pointless.

The vaccine is readily available to all adults in America. Those who want the vaccine can get it. Those who are older and vulnerable to the virus should get it. But no one should be required to get it.

By demanding each employee receive the vaccine, ESPN isn’t protecting other employees or fans who attend the games. Many of the company’s staff members who are choosing not to get the vaccine have already had COVID or are in a low-risk category. By compelling them to take the vaccine, ESPN is meddling in their private medical decisions and forcing them to choose between their beliefs and their job.

COVID had virtually zero impact on young and healthy people in this country. Why must employees get it to work a remote broadcast at ESPN?

As Clay Travis said about the NFL’s vaccination restrictions this week, we will soon have stadiums full of fans who won’t be required to take the vaccine. The same standard should apply to players, coaches and sports media figures.

Anyway, for those who have received ESPN’s email, please confirm your vaccination status accordingly.

OutKick’s Sam Amico has reached out to ESPN for comment. We will update you if and when the network responds.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. What sort of liability does an employer incur by requiring employees to undergo a medical procedure that was rushed to market, is not approved by the FDA and might have immediate or long-term negative (perhaps lethal) side effects? A female employee might find herself unable to bear children, for instance, or someone might die. Would ESPN have its ass exposed to lawsuits by pushing this politicized policy?

  2. I hate ESPN and the MSM as much as anyone, but 2.5 billion (that’s billion) people have had the vaccine. I have no problem with ESPN telling their people “if you want to work for us and travel to all these various locations, have a vaccine so we don’t have to ‘splain nothing to nobody…”

    From a logistics perspective, it just makes sense. They have so many people doing so much different crap on these broadcasts at all these locations that may have different local requirements themselves, they just want to say “all our people are vaccinated, so leave us alone and we will do our job.”

    • 2.5 Billion sheep took an experimental injection that DOES NOT confer immunity, but only (supposedly) gives one milder symptoms if you get the WU Flu.

      So, what’s your point? If someone if vaxxed, then they’re protected. There is such a thing as “herd immunity” from natural infection. It’s the best form of immunity.

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