Ex-Titans Lineman Taylor Lewan Suing Doctors Responsible For 2020 Knee Surgery

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Former Titans lineman Taylor Lewan, 31, isn’t happy with the progress of his right knee since his first ACL surgery in 2020.

Lewan announced during a new episode of his podcast that he’d be suing the doctors and “people” responsible for the Oct. 2020 surgery to repair his torn ACL.

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Lewan Plans To Sue, Future In NFL Uncertain

Speaking on the lawsuit, Lewan admitted that he noticed a dramatic change in his knee following the injury. Lewan also said how the knee affects his future in the NFL, especially as a new free agent.

“I am in an unfortunate circumstance where I have had to file a lawsuit against the people and entities that are involved with my surgery from October of 2020,” Lewan said on “Bussin’ with the Boys.”

“We all know how lawyers work. We all know how all that stuff goes. If this thing goes to court or whatever, they can [use] anything against me.

“But I wanted to take this opportunity on this podcast to let all of you know what is kind of going on in my life. Fans that have followed my career, seeing those years before the ACL surgery and obviously after the ACL surgery, kind of wondering what the hell is happening with Lewan.”

The NFL vet said he would disclose more details throughout the legal process.

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A former first-round pick and three-time Pro Bowler, Lewan was long seen as a stalwart on the left side of the O-Line. The fan-favorite Titan, released by the team this offseason as a salary cap casualty, has experienced a tough last three years due to two ACL tears to his right knee. Lewan has struggled mightily since his first ACL injury.

Lewan played 20 games in the last three seasons — missing 11 games in 2020 and 15 games in 2022. He stated that retiring was a possible outcome before the Titans released him.

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