Ex-Teammate Addresses Zion Williamson’s Weight, Health

Zion Williamson looks like he skipped Halloween and went straight to Thanksgiving…then did it again. New Orleans’ third-year star has big-time game — and the waistline to match, and rumors are now circulating that Zion, sidelined since preseason because of foot surgery, is around three bills. And photos from last month’s media day did nothing to disprove those beliefs.

Now, a former teammate and fellow Blue Devil is calling on Williamson to make a change.

“Zion has to be in better shape,” said JJ Redick, who spent a season and a half with Zion in NOLA. “That’s not a secret. And he’s gotta get healthy.”

Redick’s comments weren’t an attempt to roast Zion. (Enter Williamson: “Did someone say roast?”) He was just expressing concern that Williamson’s weight could keep the superstar off the floor long-term.

“I would be worried just in general about Zion, given his injury history,” said Redick.

“There’s certainly a lot more at play here than whether he ends up leaving the Pelicans in 5 years, or 4 years, or whatever it is,” added Redick, referencing rumors that a healthy Williamson will one day seek to play for a big market franchise.

Before he can consider leaving the Pelicans, he needs to first drop some weight and then get back on the court. The latter appears to be close to happening.

“He’s cutting. He’s doing explosive work. He’s running. He’s getting closer and closer,” New Orleans coach Willie Green said Monday. “It’s just one of those injuries where we want to be really diligent, especially with the foot, of being careful when we put him back on the floor at full go.”

The expectation is that Williamson will miss at least another two or three more weeks before he’s cleared to play. After missing significant time in two of his first pro seasons, it’s probably safe to say he’ll come back hungrier than ever.



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Written by Anthony Farris


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