Ex-Raider Damon Arnette Called ‘[Expletive] Idiot’ By Police During Arrest In Miami

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Former Raider Damon Arnette was arrested last summer and new body cam footage shows they weren’t happy with ex-defensive back.

Arnette spent two seasons with the Las Vegas Raiders, but was released in January after facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon. He allegedly pulled a gun on a valet driver. Those charges were eventually dropped.

That incident occurred in Vegas, but just a few months later, Arnette ran afoul of the law on the other side of the country.

Footage of the incident has since leaked and it shows that Miami police were not pleased with Arnette when they arrested him last July.

One officer even called him a “f—king idiot.”

The reason the cops were so mad at Arnette was because he had already been pulled over by police just hours earlier. During that stop, police found that the ex-Raiders DB was driving with a suspended license.

At the time, they chose to give him a break as long as he didn’t drive again until his license was reinstated.

He did not do that.

Arnette Was Pulled Over Again Just Hours Later

Even the fastest DMV in the country couldn’t fix a suspended license in just a few hours. So when Arnette was pulled over for a second time, his license was still very much suspended.

“We gave you a f—ing break! You knew your f—ing license was suspended,” one officer can be heard telling him.

Arnette tried to talk his way out of the ordeal by telling officers he had practice in the morning. He was on the Dolphins practice squad at the time.

Police searched him and found a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine. That means that Damon Arnette’s warning about his suspended license turned into drug charges.

“Now you’re going to jail for what? ‘Cause you’re stupid,” an officer said. That same cop lamented how often people screw themselves when given a pass the way Arnette was.

Since that arrest, the current NFL free agent has entered a diversion program to help him get on the straight and narrow.

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  1. Considering the other optional words that could’ve been used, he was talked to like EVERY other criminal gets talked to….of EVERY race! STFU Arnett, you GD race card/victim card waste of space……it’s not that hard to NOT commit crimes

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