Ex-NBA Player Attacks Airport Employees When Told To Wear Mask

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Former NBA point guard Ty Lawson started trouble at the Madrid Barajas airport as he approached the boarding gate without a mask.

Marca.com reports Lawson player approached the gate without the mask and when he was asked to put it on, he attacked two employees of the flight company ‘Iberia’, punching one of them.

“The local Guardia Civil police force had to intervene and organize a new flight for the 34-year-old,” the outlet reports.

Once he got to his destination, Marca.com reports the point guard was involved in two altercations at a restaurant and in a street in Madrid and was later arrested.

“Police explained … that Lawson insulted and threw glass at a customer at an Italian restaurant on Avenida Nazaret 13, causing injuries to the victim,” the outlet reports.

Lawson played in the NBA for nine seasons — six with the Denver Nuggets, while also spending time with the Houston Rockets, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings and Washington Wizards.

In 2017, he moved to China and Europe to continue his career, and currently plays for US Monastir in Tunisia

Written by Megan Turner

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