Lady Goes On Unhinged Rant About Work Ethic Not Being Important: ‘Slow The F**k Down’

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Esther Boyd doesn’t seem to think having a great work ethic is a super important skill.

Boyd, who has a popular TikTok account, recently uploaded a video responding to a woman making the pro-work ethic argument. The woman claimed she works harder than some of the people you employ. That’s not a rare feeling. I know many business owners who say the same. People are getting too soft, weak and lazy.

Boyd thinks that’s apparently what people should be aiming for. Why work hard when you can lay under a tree all day?

Anti-work ethic rant goes viral on TikTok. (Credit: Getty Images)

Anti-strong work ethic rant goes viral.

“Like, why is our work ethic such an important valuable skill? Like, why are we valuing ourselves and each other on how hard we can work? Ew, I wanna go out and lay under a tree and, like, chase butterflies and count the stars and just, like, slow the f*ck down and paint some pictures and hang out with my loved ones and help them, you know,” she told her TikTok followers when talking about her work ethic and her view on raising children who work hard.

She further added that work ethic is “not important here” in relation to dealing with how she raises her own kid.

You can watch her full comments below. They’re unhinged.


Replying to @Vanessa Lawless Vanessa your comments were lovely, truly ❤️ And i feel you. This used to be how i felt. #parenting #parenttok #conciousparenting #concioustiktok #parentingtok #raisingteens #newworld

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This kind of weakness isn’t what put men on the moon.

It’s sad but Boyd’s stance is one that seems to be becoming more and more popular in America and western society. People seem to think working hard and building something is wrong.

Great dignity and self-respect comes from working and accomplishing goals. It should be encouraged. Did we go to the moon and win two world wars by daydreaming under trees all day drawing pictures?

Hell no. America did it by putting on the work boots, getting dirty and not stopping until the job was finished. This is the country that invented just about every single cool thing the world enjoys. We got tired of walking and just invented motor airplanes.

Is work ethic a good thing? (Credit: Getty Images)

Ever heard of nuclear weapons? Yeah, that’s also us, and we built those by taking the smartest people in the country and coming together for a common goal.

Instead of promoting the idea that hard work is great, we now have morons on the internet talking about slowing “the f*ck down.” Slow down? What kind of loser mindset is that. We’re not slowing down.

We’re speeding up. Buy a ticket and enjoy the show. Slowing down is for losers, and that’s something winners simply don’t tolerate.

Children raised with this kind of mindset are cooked.

The only upside to this nonsense is it’s going to become even easier for those of us with strong work ethics to dominate.

The more losers who enter the workforce, the easier it gets to crush them. If this attitude is allowed to spread like the cancer it is, then anyone with even a moderately stiff spine and a little gravel in their gut will rise to the top with ease in the coming decades.

Please continue raising your children to be losers who hate work. My future children will steamroll them. Please don’t stop. I’m begging you to raise some clowns to make it easier for everyone else.

Anti-work rant goes viral. (Credit: Getty Images)

Raise your kids to work hard, teach them the joy that is getting the job done and help them figure out ways to get rich. Or, raise your kids to be losers. They’re your kids, not mine. Either way, I can promise you this clown mentality will never be tolerated in any house I’m paying the bills in. Work starts at 5:00 am sharp, even if you’re just a baby. Ron Swanson said it best when he said, “I got my first job when I was 9. Worked at a sheet metal factory. In two weeks, I was running the floor. Child labor laws are ruining this country.”

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. The kids who had personal responsibility, self reliance, and work ethic instilled in them by their parents are going to have a monumental advantage over these losers who think mommy is going to take care of them their whole lives

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