ESPY Awards Show Died After Caitlyn Jenner Award

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ESPN no longer hides its disdain for you — unless you find yourself on the far-Left, which I have a hard time finding in real life. (Where do these people hang out?)

But when did it all start? What launched ESPN’s pivot to this toxic place that views its employees only by their skin color and sexual orientation? Some would say it was when the network decided not to allow white guys under 40 to give an opinion on-air. Others would point to the 2015 ESPY Awards.

In 2015, ESPN turned its annual summer award show into a divisive, exclusive gathering. It was also the year ESPN awarded Caitlyn Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.

Her bravery was too much for ESPN to pass up.

Announcing with whom you want to have sex takes more courage than fighting for this country. That is, according to ESPN.

Viewers saw the Caitlyn Jenner moment as a turning point at ESPN. Look at these numbers:

Since ESPN embraced Caitlyn Jenner as a hero, its award show has never been the same. By the same, I mean relevant. Look at that 2021 number. The ESPY Awards are dead.

1.1 million???

Most companies would see this epic fall in the ratings and demand change. Meanwhile, ESPN is likely to offer next year’s ESPY hosting position to Maria Taylor. I mean, if Taylor wants it, who there has the balls to tell her no?

Honestly, I’d give Maria Taylor next year’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award too. Holding onto a co-worker’s private phone conversation for a year, then leaking it to the New York Times takes — by the ESPY’s definition — “courage.”

Will the 2022 ESPY Awards refuse to nominate white male athletes? Let’s hope so. It’s the next logical step.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I went from someone who planned out my night in advance to watch the ESPY’s several years ago to someone who forgot it even existed until I just saw this article. Sounds like I am in the VAST majority.

  2. That’s interesting. Because the Bruce Jenner ESPYs was the exact moment that I gave up on ESPN. If I remember correctly, he won the courage award over a female basketball player who was diagnosed with cancer. I tried to keep watching here and there for a while after, but that was the moment things turned for me.

  3. Couldn’t be happening to a nicer bunch of bunch of guys over there at the mothership. I’m surprised they actually got a million viewers. Must be the really hard core wokesters. I’m mean, did you see the acceptance speech from that UCONN girl, total cringe. I almost feel sorry for her, it’s like her brain and the brains of many young people like her have been taken hostage and totally shut down the part for common sense and reason. The future for tgg he e country looks pretty grim if this younger generation doesn’t smarten up sooner or later.

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