ESPN’s Kimberley Martin Gives Ridiculous Advice To 4-1 New York Giants: Just Tank The Season

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The line between analysis and parody continues to be blurred at the Worldwide Leader in Sports.

ESPN NFL analyst Kimberley Martin gave her two cents on what the New York Giants ought to do with their exceptional start to the new season.

The team has been one of the bigger surprises of the NFL in their first season under a new regime.

Getting off to an unexpected 4-1 record, Giants players, staff and fans are all welcoming their new identity as a respectable team after nearly a decade of lousy football.

Since their 2011-12 Super Bowl win, the Giants have plummeted into the lowest tier of NFL teams: going 22-59 their last five seasons combined.

Now that they’re on the upswing, what should the G-Men do with all that momentum?

Kimberley Martin’s answer: just tank.

“Be terrible. get a high draft pick,” Martin said on ESPN’s Get Up. “You gotta think about the rebuild … there’s a future beyond just this season. … Them making the playoffs is great for the fans, but a lot of questions need to be answered.”


Aside from the surface-level lunacy, Martin’s response made absolutely zero sense.

Tanking For The Giants Makes Zero Sense Right Now

With two of the team’s top priority players, quarterback Daniel Jones and running back Saquon Barkley, playing for new contracts in their respective make-or-break campaigns this season, the Giants would be Plaxico Burress-ing themselves if they decided to start tanking.

Additionally, the Giants’ offensive line has finally shaped up to an average / above-average unit after years of misery with Nate Solder and Erick Flowers protecting the edge. And for rookie head coach Brian Daboll and first-year general manager Joe Schoen, throwing away your team’s best start since 2016 seems like a surefire way to get fired.

Also keeping in mind that the Giants have the fourth-easiest schedule in the NFL this year.

But yes, high draft picks over a winning culture. Makes sense.

Fans didn’t know what to make of Martin’s advice: whether it was genuine or some kind of PSYOP message contracted by an NFC East team. Martin previously covered Washington and the New York Jets, so her loyalties may not be an entire secret.

Not even her fellow analysts were able to contain their confusion. Former Giant Chris Canty almost had to pinch himself after Martin’s ridiculous answer.

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