ESPN’s Jalen Rose Says Kevon Looney Shouldn’t Play Game Against Lakers Because He Might Have COVID

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The Worldwide Leader in Sports was back to their exceptional commentary on Thursday.

Previewing the Lakers and Warriors’ Game 2, ESPN-NBA analyst Jalen Rose went into a hysteria talking about COVID. Warriors big man Kevon Looney was reportedly dealing with an illness before the game. The broadcast noted that Looney was expected to be on minutes restrictions.

Rather than champion a potential flu-game performance from Looney, Rose started venting his concerns over spreading COVID.

In 2023, ESPN’s analysts are still worried about COVID.


“I admire Looney, he shows up for work every night, he’s been a menace on the boards,” the always bright Jalen Rose said. “That’s the pro for him being there tonight. Here’s the con: he’s sick, right?”

Rose continued, “So that means he has a chance to get everybody else sick. Everybody’s in close proximity in huddles. We just came off of COVID and I don’t wish any of this on his team or his opponents.”

Rose said he was concerned that Looney’s illness, which was not confirmed as COVID, would lead to a “domino effect.”

Disregard that Looney’s dominance on the boards kept Golden State afloat against LA in Game 1 and that the Warriors lack size as is against LA. Down 1-0 in the series, the Warriors need Looney for Game 2, and it’s great that he’s playing … COVID or not.

Looney played 12 minutes on Thursday, logging six points and eight rebounds in the Warriors’ 127-100 win. Golden State tied the series up at 1-1, with Games 3 and 4 scheduled at The Crypt.

Reactions to Rose’s commentary were sickened by the nonsense.

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  1. Let’s remember ESPN hires low IQ ex jock minorities that probably can’t read at an 8th grade level. We shouldn’t be surprised when they spout stupid and racist things on a continual basis.

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