ESPN Waits 12 Hours To Correct Inaccuracy, Doesn’t Remove Video

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A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.

While attribution of the quote is contested the sentiment is not. It was further proven on Saturday when ESPN put out a tweet about two WNBA teams allegedly walking off the court during the National Anthem.

The tweet (which has still not been taken down) has nearly 9M views. It has been retweeted nearly 15K times and has climbed over 26K likes.

It was also a lie. An accidental misrepresentation, at best.

Some 10 hours after the original tweet went up, veteran reporter Holly Rowe took to her Twitter to reveal the truth.

“This is not accurate. The teams decided to respectfully stay in the locker room for the anthem. This is not an accurate representation of what happened. As you can hear the anthem was NOT playing,” she detailed.

THAT tweet generated 4K retweets and a neared an impressive 20K likes.

One hour later, ESPN tweeted its ‘correction.’ That tweet was all the way down to 1.8K retweets.

The lie spanned the globe in record time.
The truth limped to the corner, got tired and stopped.

Of course, that would imply that ESPN was interested in the truth in the first place. Over the course of time that could be debated in earnest.

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  1. Thank you, guys, for getting the TRUTH of the matter out there!!! That’s all you can do, but word of mouth goes unrecorded, so more people will know what really happened. F ESPN!!!

  2. Just amazing how ESPN continues to light its own business on fire and alienate its own customers. Lifelong sports fans like myself typically don’t go to social media to pitch a fit or demand people get fired and such. We just turn the channel or turn off the television or cancel our cable subscriptions. It’s just a shame that sports have become like this, to be honest. But I appreciate the content Outkick provides instead

  3. Even though I do not watch the WNBA, ESPN should have made the clarification early on. People were piling on the league for allowing the players to do this. Unless it was on purpose and the network had a more nefarious reason for doing it.

    Shame on them.

  4. The amount of fake or sanitized media coverage of sports, news and politics is growing much faster than truth.

    It takes real patience to wait for the truth to come out. And now it’s required just to find out if it’s truly raining or snowing or dry outside your own window. We can’t trust local media anymore than national. Wow China is smiling.

    Outkick is showing and growing at just the right time.

  5. There is the truth and there is “their truth”. Perception is reality and unfortunately media outlets that have strayed from real journalistic principles are more concerned with putting out content that supports their agenda rather than reporting accurately.

  6. There aren’t 9M people who have heard of the WNBA. There aren’t 9K people who follow the WNBA. There aren’t 900 people who actually pay for a WNBA game ticket.

    The WNBA should be worried that they don’t fall like college wrestling. If the NBA decides to stop subsidizing the WNBA because they’re losing so much money….the WNBA may very well become a club team!!

  7. A lot of damage can be done with original stories requiring “corrections”. It’s like yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater only to later clarify it was just steam from the hot dog cooker. Responsible reporting is getting it right the first time.

  8. Speaking of media censorship.
    A LA Times subscriber complained about being censored for making an innocent comment in the Times sports section that apparently was not to the new Times policy.
    I replied to his post with the following:
    “Eight months ago, Times subscribers could of made comments to all sports articles but then the Times changed their policy where subscribers could only make comments to a sports article as selected by the Times.”
    “I call it being in control of the narrative.”
    I submitted my reply then the following popped up:
    “Your comment has been submitted and will be reviewed by a moderator.”
    My reply was rejected.

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