ESPN To Raise Trans Flag On Campus To Kick Start Pride Month

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ESPN will kick start its Pride Month celebration on Thursday by raising the rainbow flag on campus.

OutKick provided the below details regarding the event:

It’s quite telling for a sports network to aggressively embrace transgenderism, given the grave consequences the movement has levied across sports.

Women’s sports are under attack as males who call themselves females have impeded on their athletic competition.

Females are now subject to competitors with innate biological advantages, who might even shower with them exposing their male body parts.

One would think a sports network would provide a robust look at said development. But instead, ESPN has celebrated the inclusion of males in female competition.

During Women’s History Month, ESPN honored Lia Thomas, the avatar for Womanface in sports.

The flag-raising event also follows the network refusing to support host Sam Ponder after USA Today ran a hit piece on her for demanding only women play in women’s sports.

USA Today called Ponder a “bigot” for such a view, to which ESPN had no comment.

For context, ESPN recently issued a statement denouncing some random Boston radio host for calling golden girl Mina Kimes a “nip.” Ponder received no such support from her bosses.

Moreover, ESPN has yet to cover an incident from last month in which a violent mob of trans activists attacked Riley Gaines, the foremost advocate of female sports.

Ultimately, ESPN opted to use its cultural influence to support gender appropriation. ESPN is no different than Bud Light and Target, two companies that have lost over $5 billion in market value amid consumer backlash over its promulgation of gender ideology.

Sports fans will have to make a similar decision regarding ESPN, a brand that mostly certainly prioritizes political messaging over consumer interests.

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