ESPN Syracuse Radio Station Fires Host For Being Too Negative About Syracuse

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There’s a strange trend going on in media these days. Many media members have simply become cheerleaders. Apparently, ESPN Radio Syracuse doesn’t even hide their intentions.

According to, radio host Brent Axe got the axe (see what I did there?) because the company president “believes the content of Axe’s show had become too negative toward Syracuse University sports.”

The station is owned by Galaxy Media Partners and the company’s CEO is Ed Levine.

Levine says he’s OK with criticism of the university when warranted, but believes Axe went too hard at the program over the past few months.

ESPN Radio Syracuse host Brent Axe got the axe for being too negative about Syracuse athletics on his show.
ESPN Radio Syracuse host Brent Axe got the axe for being too negative about the program on his show.

“I would argue we’ve been tough on SU when the on-field or off-field events warrant it,” Levine said, according to” I just think over the past six months it took a different tone and became overly dark and negative. I don’t think that’s what Syracuse fans want to hear.”

As someone who worked at ESPN Radio and worked with many Syracuse alumni, I understand Axe’s position. There are a lot of reasons to be negative about the Orange. And about ESPN Radio.

In fact, I’m shocked he kept his job this long. He started on the station in 2014 and worked his way into the afternoon drive time slot.

Syracuse radio station seeks Syracuse cheerleader

Apparently, now there’s an opening for a Syracuse cheerleader from 4pm-6pm Eastern time every day. Think you have what it takes?

Can you talk about how incredible Syracuse is every day? Worship at the altar of Jim Boeheim? Although, with the way the school let Boeheim go, perhaps he’s only a saint and not a prophet.

How about that Dino Babers, huh? Guy can really coach ball! Posting a 7-6 record in 2022?! What a year! Going 4-4 in ACC play?! My goodness, that’s practically winning a National Championship!

Now that I’m writing all of this down, it doesn’t seem all that difficult.

Hey, maybe I should apply.

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  1. Hard to judge without hearing “how far” he went with his criticism. There usually is “a line” somewhere. IMO, people who listen to sports talk tend to be cynically negative and overly critical of ADs and coaches … especially in 90% of markets where local teams are not perennial “top tier” programs.

    AS I remind UNC BB fans … 95% of schools do NOT have Hall of Fame coaches. UNC has been very spoiled in that regard. Indiana, for instance, has NOT since they ran off Bob Knight 20+ years ago.

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