ESPN Posts Lowest Primetime Ratings in 25 Years with WokeCenter Special

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ESPN turned its Twitter over last night to The Undefeated and aired a WokeCenter special in primetime. To the surprise of no one reading this, these decisions tanked the ratings. The WokeCenter special drew only 100,000 viewers. That, for those wondering, is a 25 year low for ESPN in primetime.

The competition certainly appreciated it: Here’s how the other shows in primetime fared:

Hannity — 4.4 million

Guy’s Grocery Games — 1 million

The Rachel Maddow Show — 3.2 million

Cuomo Prime Time — 2 million

Forged in Fire: Beat the Judges — 804,000

See No Evil — 743,000

Hell, even The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills dunked on WokeCenter with a 461,000 average.

ESPN airs various versions of WokeCenter throughout the day now. Those, too, are tanking. Just a few weeks ago, it gave ESPN’s an all-time 41 year low.

A special woke version of the ESPYs aired this past weekend. That was also an unmitigated disaster. Only 482,000 viewers tuned in to watch the award show that was barely an award show. That’s down 81% from 2014, the last year it aired on ESPN, not ABC.

It was hard to imagine ESPN could follow up that type of disaster. But, to its credit, last night did it.

This special didn’t just pop up, either. It was heavily promoted with #StayUndefeated.

Here are some of the highlights:

It also begs the question: How many of the 100,000 just had it on in the background?

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.


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  1. Hey Clay,
    GOOD on you, pal, that you’ve always been standing up for America, even when your supposed buds were breaking your chops so they could pretend to be woke. And GOOD for all the people in America who hate racism…but who hate even more being called racists!!!

    The azzholes at ESPN think they’ve had a “road to Damascus” moment…alakazam, they’re woke…and they’re trying their best to virtue signal…but it was just a collective brain fart.

    They forgot about all the things that make America great…including fighting to eradicate slavery and then the fight for civil rights. The Democrat Party was THE OPPOSITION to civil rights…and STILL is (covertly) with how they run America’s major cities. The Republican Parts started with Abraham Lincoln. You could look it up, you woke clowns, but you might learn some facts that would conflict with your opinions.

    It’s good that we now have TV ratings and independent polling to quantify peoples feelings and beliefs about where our country is going. Did Babs Streisand ever leave after Bush 43 got elected? And Bush 43 was as bad as Obama for not helping to lift up minority communities. But the likes of her and Whoopi and Cher and all the know-nothings that threatened to pack up and leave were forced to blink when the Gulfstreams were gassed up and waiting on the tarmac for them.

    “White Fragility”…it’s the next big thing. Written by a white woman who’s a moron, yet gets paid beaucoup corporate dollars to lecture why we were born racists. (Jason…you get a pass on this, bud, but you’re trying awful hard to be included with us deplorable lol.) It’s gonna be in every classroom soon, so your sons and daughters can learn that their parents are really bad people.

    Bad ratings for ESPN’s morons will not stop them. Only when corporate sponsors realize they’re flushing tens of millions of dollars weekly against the tide of American values will they think about their own woke fragility.


  2. When I accidentally turn on the 4 letter network, it’s like watching CNN for sports. Even when we had sports to watch, the 4 letter network can’t help but insert politics into everything.

    I’m a political junkie, but EsPn took their franchise and drove it like a truck through sports entertainment And then ran over it’s audience. I don’t get it. What happened to sports being a place to escape from every day life!?

    Beuller!!!? Beuller!!!?

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