ESPN Layoffs: More Employees Who Have Said They Are Out (UPDATE)

ESPN announced on Thursday that there would be layoffs of 300 employees and that 200 open positions would go unfilled. The network faces challenges from the pandemic and cord-cutting. Longtime ESPN anchor Bob Ley blasted Disney’s decision to cut jobs, saying that he saw “countless decades of journalistic experience, and expertise jettisoned.”

So far, a couple writers and some who work behind the scenes have announced they are out.

Chris Cote, a producer and contributor for the Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, announced that he was among the cuts:

Cote’s father, Greg Cote, who appears on the show for one program per week, covered the news in the Miami Herald.

College football writer Ivan Maisel announced in a thread that his contract would not be renewed:

Baseball writer Claire Smith, who was awarded the 2017 J.G. Taylor Spink Award by the Baseball Writers Association of America, also announced she was among the cuts:

NHL Draft writer Chris Peters announced:

As did eSports writer Emily Rand:

And eSports writer Jacob Wolf:

And women’s sports writer Graham Hays

A number of behind-the-scenes workers also announced that they are out:

To see their impact on ESPN, on fellow employees and on viewers, click through to their tweets and look at the replies and quote-tweets.

Investigative reporter TJ Quinn also announced the departures of producers from his unit:

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Clay and Whitlock may be doing some interviews soon, huh? I’m sure there’s a few who still believe in freedom of speech in that bunch being let go that would love a home at OKTC.

    Harry Doyle: “Hey! Look! There’s some people who wanna ride too!”
    Lloyd Christmas: “Pick ‘em up!!!”

    Dumb & Dumber

  2. I’m certain they’re all losses for ESPN. I’m famiilar only with Ivan Maisel and that is a big hit to their college football coverage — not in terms of political and social justice issues, because I suspect that particular angle will remain well-covered. But Maisel is a massive loss to the network in terms of covering the actual sport, the loss of his decades of experience and knowledge. Sadly, this is commonplace now throughout broadcast and print media: let go someone with years of experience on a beat and replace them with someone who’s younger, doesn’t have near the experience and who you can play a lot less to do the same job. Only the new hire isn’t doing the same job on the same beat, because they don’t have near the amount of experience, and may not have the same level of talent and skill, that the person they’re replacing had.

  3. The fact these are the only folks that are gone is a surprise. That ESPN is even viable anymore surprises me. I guess we get to see how these woke ESPN employees fare in the competitive, open market where the Socialist agenda is not always artificially propped up by ignorant, hate filled executives.

  4. I guarantee you 90+% of those people are bleeding-heart woke liberals. They made their bed, and ticked off half the country (probably more than half of all sports fans); now they can lay in it.

    Maisel was the worst: an elitist, arrogant blowhard who wrote his articles in a condescending manner. Outkick is the future of sports journalism!

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