ESPN’s Kimberley Martin Called Out For Tweet That Highlights Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Justin Fields-Cam Newton Comparison

Following the Bears’ loss to the Commanders on ‘Thursday Night Football,’ former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick compared Justin Fields to Cam Newton. Newton is a former NFL MVP, three-time Pro Bowler, and arguably the greatest college quarterback ever, but ESPN’s Kimberley Martin took offense to Fitzpatrick’s comments.

Martin appears to think that since Fitzpatrick is a white man, and Newton and Fields are black men, Fitzpatrick’s comments were race-driven.

Here is the exact quote Martin took offense:

“Justin Fields needs to look in the mirror and say, ‘What am I?” Fitzpatrick said in the postgame show. “You are not Peyton Manning. You’re not Patrick Mahomes. You’re not a pocket passer. You are a Cam Newton-type. You are a guy who is an elite runner of the football.”

Calling a young quarterback an “elite runner of the football” and comparing them to a successful NFL QB is a bad thing, apparently.

Martin shared the quote from Fitzpatrick and followed it up with a photo of her with a look of confusion on her face:

OutKick reached out to Martin to ask if she wanted to elaborate on her thoughts about Fitzpatrick’s comment.

It’s worth noting Fields has the sixth-worst QBR (34.9) among starting quarterbacks in the NFL and the second-worst completion percentage (54.8%). Fitzpatrick’s comment also came after he witnessed Fields go 14-of-27 through the air for 190 passing yards in Chicago’s loss to Washington.


During the same postgame show, Richard Sherman made similar comments, explaining that Fields is not a pocket passer. Kimberley Martin didn’t tweet about Sherman’s comments.

It is not lost that Chicago’s offensive line is a laughingstock and Fields has just 18 NFL games under his belt at this point of his career.

But, two things can be true at once, believe it or not. Fields does possess Cam Newton-like abilities and he could turn into a pocket passer, but he certainly isn’t one right now.

Neither of those things has anything to do with the color of his skin.

Kimberley Martin Called Out For Ryan Fitzpatrick, Justin Fields Tweet

Written by Mark Harris


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  1. These people are so transparent. Ole gurl clearly has an axe to grind because a white dude gave fair criticism of a black QB. Equality means keeping it a buck, treating everyone the same based on merit, not treating black QB’s with kid gloves. And all that aside, Fitz played in the NFL for like 17 seasons. Never an elite QB but it’s fair to say Fitz has way more credibility than this woman I’ve never heard of. Is it all Justin Field fault? Nah, that whole organization sucks, but Fields hasn’t done much to say “he’s good, just on a bad team”. Geno Smith has done a lot with a little. Fields floor can’t be much lower than where he is now.

  2. These blue checkmarks only accomplishment in life is getting a blue checkmark, which apparently isn’t hard to do if you’re a wokey lib…Spewing their ignorance is always laughable and a true sign of the blue checkmark…I wouldn’t know who she was if not for this article…

  3. Just another anti White talking head moron. If White people don’t yet realize how much they are either hated or resented by so many blacks then they are stupid. Anti White racism is really getting pervasive because it’s more and more out in the open.

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