ESPN Host Says Donald Trump Giving Clemson Football Players Fast Food Was Racist

Today on ESPN’s First Take the host of the show, Molly Qerim, decided to drop the wokest of woke takes about the Clemson football team visiting the White House and dining on fast food there. The reason why Donald Trump bought thousands of dollars in fast food for the Clemson football team?



One of you clipped off this segment from today’s show and sent it to me.

Quoth Qerim:

“When I saw him giving the football players, a predominantly black sport, and fast food my thought went a very different place.”

Ah, yes. Despite the fact that the VIDEO ESPN AIRED FEATURES WHITE PLAYERS PICKING UP HAMBURGERS TO EAT, that doesn’t disguise the fact that Donald Trump is a huge racist for giving football players Big Macs, Whoppers, and Wendy’s hamburgers. And pizza too!

Because god knows only black people eat fast food.

How dare he?

Donald Trump is an evil racist intent upon inflicting his white supremacy on everyone by giving them free food they choose to eat while voluntarily visiting his residence!

Don’t you see what’s going on? Can’t you see this is clearly the white man’s new racist game?! First comes the free hamburgers and then the next thing you know it’s back to ropes for belts and jumping over the broom weddings.

It’s a very clear pattern here.

Well, Molly Qerim is too woke to allow you to take down black college football players by giving them the most popular food in America for free. No, no, no, she’s on to you Donald Trump. Not on her woke watch!

Now some of you may think this is the dumbest opinion you’ve ever seen in the history of sports, but this is honestly a smart move by Molly Qerim. Now that Jemele Hill is fired, who else is there to pick up the Donald Trump is a white supremacist baton and wave it around ESPN to lead the woke media parade?

No one.

This is Molly Qerim’s woke crown to grab.

Honestly, if she plays this correct she may get her own TV show.

Smart career move, honestly.

Now for all of you eating fast food on your work breaks as you read this we’ve learned an important lesson — all you white, Hispanic and Asian fast food eaters are culturally appropriating the black man’s food.

How dare you?!

This has been Woke Wednesday, which will become a yearly feature here on Outkick in 2019.

Each week we will feature the wokest takes from the world of sports and beyond. Stay tuned, this thing will be epic.

But in the meantime, put down that hamburger, Nathan Bedford Forrest. Kunta Kinte didn’t die for this.

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.