ESPN Host: I Said ‘DIGGER’ Not The N-Word When Trying To Say ‘Dinger’

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any crazier, SportsCenter host has issued her defense over what sounded like the n-word slipping out during a Monday morning highlight package. Collins says the word “digger” came out of her mouth instead of “dinger” when reading the copy over highlights of Albert Pujols hitting a home run.

“I would never say that,” Collins wrote Monday on Instagram.

Look, we’re not in the cancellation business, so there’s no need to go attacking Toni Collins over anything. The big news here is that someone on the SportsCenter staff wrote “dinger” into the highlight copy when the whole Rockies non-troversy was brewing. Are you kidding me? Dinger is the last word that Collins should’ve been navigating Monday morning.

Digger or the n-word? You make the call.

Antonietta-Collins n-word video statement

Written by Joe Kinsey

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