ESPN Hockey Writer Is Triggered Ivan Provorov Previously Wore A Military Appreciation Jersey And Not The LGBT Jersey Flyers Tried To Force On Him

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Hockey writer Greg Wyshynski is taking his frustrations about Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov not wearing an LGBT-themed jersey to an entirely new level.

Provorov, a 26-year-old Russian, didn’t take the ice for warm-ups on Tuesday night due to the team’s commitment to wearing LGBT-themed jerseys in celebration of Pride Night.

After Philadelphia’s 5-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks, Provorov explained his decision not to wear the Pride jersey.

“I respect everybody and I respect everybody’s choices,” Provorov explained. “My choice is to stay true to myself and my religion.”

As you would expect, Provorov staying true to himself and his religion sent the liberal legacy media into a frenzy.

While there have been some truly appalling takes about Provorov’s personal decision not to participate in the Pride Night forced upon the team, Wyshynski truly outdid himself with his opinion on the matter.

Wyshynski isn’t just upset about Provov’s decision involving the Pride jersey, he’s triggered that the defenseman has worn military appreciation-themed jerseys in the past.

He believes that Ivan Provorov showing appreciation for the military is a bad thing.

It’s safe to say Wyshynski’s job with ESPN is safe given that his woke political views align perfectly with the four-letter network’s.

Wyshynski was also sure to label anyone who wasn’t incredibly angry over Provorov’s decision to skip out on wearing the LGBT-themed jersey as “homophobes” and MAGA Trump supporters.

By no means is Wyshynski a smart man, but he has to be smart enough to realize the vast majority of hockey fans and sports fans, in general, do not care about sexuality during pre-game warmups or during an actual game.

Actual reality doesn’t fit the narrative, however, and this was a chance for him to out-woke his woke counterparts and Wyshynski took full advantage of the opportunity.

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  1. Sad how the NHL has gone woke. It`s bad enough that they tried holding a job fair in Florida, inviting everyone………except white people before DeSantis stepped in. Now the hockey guy over at ESPN is crying about this. I like his “blanket statements”. He`ll say what he wants and doesn`t want to hear the other side. Typical liberal. You could see this coming when ESPN picked up the NHL`s rights this season. Sure hope the league does a course correction.

  2. Wyshynski sucks. As an Avs fan, I’ve known forever this guy has an axe to grind (his articles are nearly overtly biased). I’ve ignored all of his articles for years. He got hired when ESPN treated hockey on the same level as box lacrosse and his ability is equal to that. He’s trash.

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