ESPN Fooled By Fake Adam Schefter Account Regarding Dolphins OC Chan Gailey

If you have ever been fooled by a fake twitter account, you know how embarrassing it can be.

Monday, with the frantic feel of “Black Monday” around the NFL, there was plenty of back and forth among some of the NFL’s biggest reporters trying to get on top of the news, which seemed to break by the minute.

One outlet that didn’t do its homework Monday and got fooled in the process was ESPN, who took a tweet from who they thought was their own Adam Schefter and put it out there for all to see.

Only it wasn’t the real Schefter.

The news item had to do with Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who, the news outlet claimed, had been fired.

The outlet quickly realized that Schefter wasn’t the one behind the tweet, that Gaily had not been canned, and that they had to issue a retraction.

“ESPN published an incorrect story on Monday involving Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator Chan Gailey,” the retraction read. “The story has been removed from, and replaced with this correction. The story was also mentioned on the 1 p.m. ET edition of SportsCenter.”

A day like “Black Monday” can produce literally hundreds of news tidbits, from potential candidates chatting with teams, to coordinators and assistant coaches being shown the door after tough seasons.

Firing Gailey wouldn’t really make all that much sense. The Dolphins ranked 22nd overall in the NFL in 2020, averaging 339 yards per game.

Someone today at ESPN is in hot water for trusting the tweet. This person will learn a valuable lesson about checking the name of the twitter account before using it in a news story.

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."

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