ESPN Gets Duped By ‘Ballsack Sports,’ Awkwardly Apologizes After Airing Segment About A Fake Ja Morant Quote

ESPN getting duped by Ballsack Sports is becoming a bit of a pattern.

The worldwide leader’s latest debacle involved a fake Ja Morant quote, one in which the show ‘This Just In’ produced an entire segment around.

Morant made waves earlier this week when he said he would have “cooked” Michael Jordan during an interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks.

Ballsack Sports then piggybacked off Morant’s viral comment and piled on with a fake quote.

“If you put Michael Jordan in today’s game he’s just another superstar,” Ballsack Sports’ fake quote from Morant began. “We got steph, Luka, Dame, Trae – and then guys like Bron, KD, Giannis, Kawhi – it’s not just one superstar and a bunch of you know, average dudes, you feel?”

Someone over at ESPN saw that quote and ran with it before doing two seconds of research on who Ballsack Sports may be. The quote then went up the chain of command without anyone asking a question about it and fill-in hosts David Jacoby and Kendrick Perkins did an entire segment on the fake quote on ‘This Just In.’

After Rooks quickly caught wind of the fake quote ESPN attributed to her interview with Morant, Jacoby issued an apology on air the following day.

Yikes. That’s a tough scene for not only Jacoby, but the entire network.

This isn’t like an NBA insider getting duped by a fake report on Twitter, retweeting it, and then quickly undoing it. Most people have gotten duped by fake Twitter accounts once or twice. ESPN pays teams of people to check sources and for this fake quote from none other than Ballsack Sports to fall through the cracks is both embarrassing and hysterical.

The funniest part of all this is that this isn’t the first time ESPN has gotten got by Ballsack Sports.

Back in March, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins got duped by a fake Kyrie Irving – James Harden rumor started by Ballsack Sports that the two got into a physical altercation.

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Written by Mark Harris


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