ESPN Analyst Charged With 11 Counts Of Battery

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By opting to join in the action rather than just call it, one of ESPN’s own could soon find himself behind bars. Chael Sonnen, a former UFC fighter and current ESPN MMA analyst, has been hit with 11 counts of battery relating to a December incident in which Sonnen pummeled as many as six people, including one woman.

On December 18th, Sonnen was at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas when he allegedly attacked five men and one woman. He now faces a string of battery charges, including one for felony battery by strangulation.

For once, ESPN actually acknowledged the alleged wrongdoing of one of their own, and announced in the most basic statement possible that Sonnen will not be on air anytime soon.

“Chael will not appear on ESPN as we explore the details of these serious charges.”

Sonnen, 44, was issued five battery citations immediately following that truly amateur fight back in December, but those citations were all dismissed in January.

Then last Wednesday, the Clark County district attorney filed 11 new charges against him.

Per the complaint, the ex-fighter “allegedly punched the first man, punching and kicking a second man, punching a third man in the face, punching and kneeing a fourth man and striking a fifth man with his elbow,” per ESPN. At some point, he also punched and struck a woman.

Sonnen is due in court on April 27th.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. This doesn’t sound like a case of self defense with a woman being attacked…along with everyone within a block radius of Sonnen. Sounds like he snapped and went full-on Sir Lancelot from Monty Python and the Holy Grail when he charged the castle. Sounds like he may need to be in a padded room.

  2. Attacking a woman? More like a woman stormed into a 6 person brawl thinking she was man enough to jump in n help her husband, hit Chael in the back of the head then caught a spinning back fist to the jaw.

  3. Chael did not attack a woman, that’s an overcharge. The drunk group slandered Chael’s wife aloud in the casino/hotel. But I am surprised that he took the bait; he’s definitely sharper than the average athlete.

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