Ernest Rips Shirt Off To Reveal ‘Whole Lotta Fking Man,’ Crushes Beer From Boot During Rowdy Concert With Morgan Wallen

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As Ernest joined Morgan Wallen on the ‘One Night At A Time’ World Tour, the rising country artist got in on Aussie tradition in the only way he knew how— shirtless. He popped his top and crushed a beer out of his boot!

Ernest, most famous for his song ‘Flower Shops,’ has long been considered one of the best songwriters in Nashville. His song ‘Hard Way’ is a not as well-known, but it’s one of my all-time favorites..

Only recently has he really burst onto the scene as a solo artist.

Currently on tour with Wallen, Bailey Zimmerman, Hardy and Parker McCollum, Ernest and the SR gang pulled up in Australia for CMC Rocks QLD 2023. It’s the largest country music festival in Australia. They also played one night in Melbourne while overseas.

One of the most famous Aussie drinking traditions, which has more prominently made its way to the States over the last 10 years, is ‘The Shoey’ or ‘Das Boot.’ Origins of the tradition are murky and likely stem from Germany, but it is believed to have first become popular in Australia during the late 1990s.

The concept is simple. Put a full beer in your shoe, and chug the beer out of your shoe.

Well, while performing at CMC Rocks CLD, Warren Zeiders surprised the audience by removing his shirt. Ernest was not going to be outdone.

He proceeded to rip off his Def Leppard cutoff, put his snapback atop his head, shout “whole lotta f—king man up in here!” and crushed a beer out of his cowboy boot. Most of the beer made it in his mouth, but a large portion ended up spilling all over the “whole lotta f—king man.”


@Ernest615 taking his shirt off was the best God damn thing that could have happened at CMC. Will never see a performance of flower shops like that again #CMC2023 #Ernest #countrymusic #Shoey

♬ original sound – Lack.Of.Austin

A few days later, Ernest ran it back during Wallen’s tour— at which the record-breaking headliner had beer thrown at his head while on stage. The crowd was ROWDY.

As was Ernest. He, once again, took off his shirt and crushed a Shoey.

Ernest is one of the hottest names in country music right now and it’s not hard to see why. Not only can he write and sing, but he always brings the party. He, Wallen, Zimmerman, Hardy and McCollum are a wild quintet to wrangle up and throw on stage together. All five guys bring the party, with Ernest and his “whole lotta f—king man” being near the top.

Written by Grayson Weir

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