Eric Swalwell Tries To Bet Ted Cruz On 49ers-Cowboys; Gets Immediately ‘Fang Fang-ed’ In Legendary Response

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Ted Cruz absolutely demolished California politician Eric Swalwell on Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

The Dallas Cowboys are playing the San Francisco 49ers this weekend in Santa Clara. Swalwell apparently saw an opportunity to try and pull one over on Cruz with a Twitter bet.

It did not go well for him.

Swalwell posted that he wanted to make an “open bet” with Cruz. If the 49ers win, Cruz can’t tweet for the rest of the month. If the Cowboys win, Swalwell can’t tweet for the rest of the month.

Cruz immediately shot back, “how about we bet a Chinese dinner instead?”

Of course, Eric Swalwell has long been accused of having an intimate relationship with a Chinese spy, named Fang Fang.

In fact, Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently revealed that he could be so compromised by China that the intelligence briefing on Swalwell was extremely troubling.

That, of course, hasn’t stopped Democrats from keeping him on the House Intelligence Committee.

Big W for Cruz

Swalwell has earned and deserved every ounce of humor at his expense for his apparent involvement with China.

He walked right into Cruz’s response, after hoping to score political points against the Texas Senator.


While Cruz’s joke was outstanding, it’s almost a bummer to not have the original stakes.

Given Swalwell’s extremely unhinged rhetoric on Twitter most days, we could have been spared at least a few weeks of insanity.

But it was definitely worth it to get one over on Swalwell.

No matter which team you actually root for, we all have to be Cowboys fans this weekend to ensure that one of the single worst members of Congress has to pay up.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, ice cream expert and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, eating as much pizza as humanly possible, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter.

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