Enes Kanter Freedom: The First Amendment Is The Greatest Amendment

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Enes Kanter Freedom is alright with becoming the face of defiance if it entails standing up for injustices. 

American athletes in the past year have gained celebrity status for political activism but have also remained quiet regarding Freedom’s opposition to China and the infringements of human rights. 

The Boston Celtics center understands what’s at stake with promoting politics on his platform. Still, the newly named citizen of the United States is valuing and preserving his rights as an American to embrace this outlook. 

“There are 27 Amendments and the First Amendment is the greatest Amendment of all time: freedom of speech,” Enes answered, joining the Fox & Friends crew to highlight his ongoing battles against dictatorial regimes, critics and the NBA. 

Following a recent story where members from around the Association asked Freedom to take off a pair of shoes with a customized anti-China print, the 29-year-old, Turkish-American player said he hasn’t budged on those requests. 

“I pretty much told them, ‘Listen, whatever happens, I’m not taking these shoes off. Go tell your boss.”

Freedom added, “I am putting something on my shoes that will tell people what’s going on around the world.”

Enes also mentioned the increasing number of NBA players that have lauded his public stance and even asked him to highlight other overlooked injustices. 

“Many of the players around the league are reaching out and saying ‘Thank you, finally,'” Freedom announced, while also noting the cautionary concerns they’re sending him.

“Many of the athletes around the league are reaching out and sending me talking points,” admitted Kanter, highlighting ongoing injustices, including the authoritarian overreach by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Even with the dangers of sparking outrage among sponsors or failing to find a contract in the coming year over his political stances, Enes understands that his cause is authentic and a potential light of hope for citizens around the globe without the same freedoms.

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