Empanada Queen Emma Hernan Is Back, Nature Boy Is Now Double Vaxxed & Drew Robinson Goes Deep

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This gas situation in N.C. and across the mid-Atlantic is getting real interesting

If you thought the Great Toilet Paper Hunt of 2020 was something, try finding gas in North Carolina right now where over 70% of the gas stations in Charlotte and Raleigh are without gasoline. At the pace the stations were on Tuesday into this morning, you’re going to have some serious panic setting in today as the tanks run dry and people start to get real desperate despite what the experts — Gas Buddy Guy — say about the supply not being in trouble if people would just fill their tanks to half.

Whereas the toilet paper hunt went on for an extended period before the TP supply caught up to demand, this gas thing is not expected to last very long.

Officials at the federal level told a Durham TV station that “a large part of the pipeline resumed operations manually Monday, and Colonial should be able to restart most of its operations by the end of the week.”

Look, each week there’s a theme. This week it’s gas. There have been other themes like NFL Draft week. The Woke All-Star Challenge Week. March Madness tip-off week. Clay sells OutKick week. This week, we’ll go nuts with fuel shortage memes and photos, and seven days from now it’ll feel like the great fuel shortage of 2021 was like six months ago. That’s how this works. So let’s have some fun here, let’s fill up our landscaping gas cans so the yard can be manicured, and realize a week from now we’ll have a new theme to rail on about. This is temporary, folks.

• Speaking of gas, prices are now at a 7-year high just in time for your summer trip in that RV you rented a year ago to get away from it all after a stressful COVID year. The national average now sits at $3.008 per gallon.

• Dallas at Tampa Thursday, September 9. That’s the official NFL opener this year, and I hope it takes its sweet old time getting here. I’ve filled up three out of four weekends in June, and July will be equally as busy. In this part of Ohio, NFL season can wait. I need that sunshine, those patio nights where it’s that perfect temperature at 10 p.m. and maybe a shandy here and there while listening to the brood x cicadas do their thing. There should be plenty for everyone. Trillions are supposed to emerge this summer. Get ready, that’ll be a theme week too.

• NFTs are still going strong. A group of nine CryptoPunks characters sold this week at Christie’s for $17 million. I’ll just be over here minding my business contributing a little money here and there to a retirement fund and thinking about that nine-hole course I’ll hopefully be playing five times a week here in the not-so-distant future. The NFT nerds can do their thing. I’m out, dawgs.

• We’re opening up our ancient in-ground pool today. It’s time to see if this old girl has one more year in her before she turns into a graveyard for whatever junk I can throw in the eight-foot hole. We’ll keep easing her along and let the kids do their thing before eventually bringing in the excavators to Old Yeller this thing. The fingers are crossed. Time to see if she’s ready to crank up again.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Wow, chock full of content today:

    * Emma, shut up about your GD empanadas. In fact, eat more of them; you’re too skinny.
    * Drew Robinson, maybe the most inspiring sports story of my lifetime. Hope he makes it back to the majors.
    * Shohei Ohtani is the best thing to watch in the MLB right now.
    * I don’t think my kids are going to be built for, or have any interest in, football, but if they did and I were at that practice, they’d be gone right then and there. What is the point of having kids that young do that drill, other than to get them hurt?

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