Emily Ratajkowski Jokes She’ll Date Anyone Willing To Buy Her Dinner, But Dating A Celebrity Is A Dangerous Game

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Emily Ratajkowski’s standards for men post-divorce might not be overly high.

The star model and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard split last year after being married for four years. Now, it looks like she’s ready to get back on the horse and get back to the dating game.

What is Emily Ratajkowski looking for in a man? Could it be a lot of money? A guy with a great career? A man with ambition working his way up? Someone with a nice house? Maybe she just wants a man with a soft heart and a great sense of humor.

Well, it might be a lot easier to snag Em’s number because you might not need any of those things.

Emily Ratajkowski jokes she’ll date anyone willing to buy her dinner. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Emily Ratajkowski jokes about getting back in the dating game.

You don’t need a black card in order to scoop up the opportunity to get to know Emily Ratajkowski. You just need to be able to afford dinner.

The popular actress and model dropped a TikTok video (joking?) that she’s “newly single” and ready “to date anyone who wanted to take me to dinner.”

Those are standards your average dude is willing to accept.


Ratajkowski’s standards for men aren’t too high.

You hear that sound off in the distance? The sound of metal and plastic jangling around? That’s the sound of every bro under the age of 40 reaching for his wallet to find his credit card. Dinner? We’re talking about dinner (read that in Allen Iverson’s voice)?

Listen, I went to Culver’s while I was in Wisconsin a few weeks back and had a great lunch that included a side concrete mixer for the price of about $13.

If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I imagine I’d be willing to spend $13 for lunch with a supermodel. Hell, that’s a fraction of the price I pay right now.

Emily Ratajkowski is single after being married four years. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)

Would dating a supermodel even be fun?

Having said all that, does the average man really want to date a supermodel? I think a lot of guys think it sounds great, but is it? I don’t know Emily Ratajkowski. She’s probably an awesome person.

However, how many people reading this know someone super famous? I’m not talking about the guy who scored 30 in the state title game in your small hometown 20 years ago. We’re talking about can’t walk into a coffee shop without being recognized kind of famous. Millions of followers kind of famous.

Emily Ratajkowski jokes she’ll date anyone willing to buy her dinner, but is dating a celebrity a smart idea? (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

I know a handful of major celebrities including [redacted] and [also redacted but for different reasons], and I consider both good friends. Some famous people are certainly fun and engaging. Most of them are not, and that goes for men and women. They’re surrounded by yes men who tell them whatever they want to hear and are rarely challenged. That doesn’t usually result in a great person. It results in a person who expects their every need to be tended to. Hard pass. That goes against the blue-collar spirit that built this country.

People acted shocked when I said I’d rather drink beer with gunfighters over celebrities. You shouldn’t be. They’re real people with real stories. Most (certainly not all) celebrities are wildly unimpressive and are famous for reading lines and being photographed.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Take my advice or don’t. It will only cost you dinner at the end of the day.

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