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Well, that was a pretty crazy Wednesday afternoon

I was just sitting here doing my thing at the end of the day looking for one last post angle to take us into the night, and I get a message from Clay that there’s some big news coming. Ok, cool. That could mean a variety of things, like he’s flying me into Nashville to play golf, hang with the OutKick360 crew, or that the site was hiring someone. At this point in my career, my mind starts thinking about a three-day getaway with the crew, and I get excited.

Not even two minutes later, I see the big enchilada flying across my screen. You’re damn right I was caught off guard by the news that Clay had sold OutKick to Fox. It wasn’t a shock that the site sold during a time when the biggest media companies in the world are in an arms race for their spot in the sports betting market. It was a shock that it all came bursting out on a random Wednesday when I was more focused on the flowers I need to get in the ground, but I can’t because I have tree limbs coming down next week and frosts expected early next week.


Look, guys, I understand if some of you feel like this is going to change everything and the OutKick you fell in love with is just going to be different. In my previous Internet life, I sold a site that had been built from a $10 URL, and loyal fans thought the same thing of me. After the sale, the site got bigger and more influential than I ever expected in my wildest dreams. Clay’s going to do just that with OutKick. We’re 11 months into the reboot of OutKick — I started on Monday, June 1, 2020 — where Clay had a new team of like four employees, Bobby and I remain, jump on a call, explain how things were going to operate, and off we went.

And we ain’t stopping now. No way. I didn’t receive some super-secret call from a Fox executive last night to tell me to crank things down a notch. I didn’t receive some top-secret company email about what I could write. Clay called and said to keep rolling along.

Today is like yesterday: all gas, no brake.

• It took like an hour for a concerned reader to ask about the Put-In-Bay golf trip on June 19. Guys, the course is reserved, the old lady who sits in the little general store is expecting us, and the first four guys to pay are flying in from New Jersey.

• And finally this morning, just to prove that this site isn’t changing and I’m clearly not changing, tonight I’m regripping my Top Flites with my buddies while having a garage beer. I’m rewarding myself in late June with a golf trip to Treetops (Gaylor, MI) and the sticks need to be in tip-top shape. Wait until you guys see the grips I’m putting on. You’ll stand and salute.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. The wine…table for two…eye contact…beautiful flourescent hanging fixtures…NICE…
    but that babe HAD TO be impressed when he told her he owned all that plywood !!!

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