Elon Musk Suggests A New Platform Is Needed Amid Twitter Free Speech Concerns

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Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk made waves on Twitter Saturday after questioning if a new social media platform is needed.

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy,” Musk wrote. “What should be done?”

He followed that up with another tweet and asked, “Is a new platform needed?”

But rather than create a new platform to compete/be an alternative to Twitter, some of Musk’s 79.2 million followers had another suggestion: Musk should buy Twitter.

Such an idea was floated by OutKick’s Clay Travis on Friday.

“Hey @elonmusk will you please buy @twitter, free @TheBabylonBee & return the true marketplace of ideas to this site? We need you to make it happen,” Travis wrote.

The idea of Musk creating a new platform or outright buying Twitter would likely be a hit among conservatives, who have argued that free speech is censored while using the app. As Fox Business reports, Twitter played a role in suppressing the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s laptop leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election. The report was officially authenticated by the New York Times this past week.

Former President Donald Trump, who has been banned from Twitter since the Jan. 6, 2021 breaching of the Capitol, has been a proponent of finding a new platform and has already created his own.

Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) launched an alternative to Twitter, “Truth Social,” on Presidents Day, Feb. 21. Per TruthSocial.com, the app promises to encourage open, free and honest conversations without discriminating against political ideology.

“Truth Social” is currently available on the Apple App Store.

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Written by Nick Geddes

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  1. Everyone (politicians, journalists, regular people) always talks about what needs to be done, should be done, etc. Nothing ever changes because no one, particularly conservative politicians are just that, all talk. The left just keeps taking over all aspects of society. If Republicans take back Congress this fall let’s see what they do about Big Tech. My guess, nada.

    • You’re partly right about Republicans doing nothing, but it’s more than that. Tech companies have poured massive amounts of money into conservative think tanks like Heritage, Club for Growth, American for prosperity, etc. and they in turn dole out campaign dollars to congressmen not to regulate tech companies. So the cycle is think tanks get tons of money, congressmen get easy reelection dollars, they hold some dog and pony show hearing and then all is forgotten.

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