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Full disclosure: I watched more women’s college basketball last night than I’d ever watched in one night…no, I don’t need an intervention and this will likely not happen again for a decade or more.

I know, it wasn’t a very exciting Friday night when I’m watching women’s college basketball, but we had storms rolling through and, as you guys know, I’m saving up my Friday bender ammunition for golf season. I can’t be burning through that ammunition on a rainy, stormy Friday night in March.

So I was down in the lab and needed something to watch. Enter the women’s Final Four or Fab Four, if you celebrate by calling it by what ESPN has branded it.

Anyway, I dabbled with the opener — LSU vs. Virginia Tech — but that game didn’t really hold my interest. The real action was supposed to be in the nightcap with Caitlin Clark vs. South Carolina, who hadn’t lost in the like 900 days.

I made it to about the eight minute mark of the 4th quarter before passing out.

My observations:

  1. The ref wearing the COVID mask is an absolute warrior considering the pace of the Iowa-South Carolina game. I can’t believe that lady got through the game without throwing that damn thing in the trash. What a performance, ma’am.
  2. The game had a pretty good flow. There were moments when I had to figure out if they were using a 25-second shot clock because these chicks were just launching to launch.
  3. BTW, Iowa won, 77-73.
  4. Caitlin Clark is as good as advertised for the women’s game. Yes, she takes multiple selfish shots from way behind the three-point line, forces passes that turn into ugly turnovers, and plays with an attitude that might rub people the wrong way, but she’s clearly playing on a whole different level than 99% of the women in the world.
  5. Yes, Clark takes all the team’s shots — she was 15-of-31 from the field and 5-of-17 from 3.
  6. Was it just me or did it feel like every possession was a hair-on-fire moment? In the men’s game, they’ll go five minutes and it feels like there was one possession that was critical to the outcome of the game. I could take a dump and come back and feel like I didn’t miss much of the men’s tournament. This game was different. If you stopped to take a dump, you’d miss at least four wild-ass shots or some pick-and-roll dump-down pass that went for an easy basket. And that would happen like 4-5 times during your dump.
  7. There’s just as much bitching and moaning about the refs in the women’s game as the men’s. I blame the AAU circuit and LeBron. The constant bitching about every call is clearly not exclusive to the men’s tournament.
  8. I was impressed by the big power forward from Iowa, Czinano, when she shot free throws. She’d drop down low, go up all in one motion and swish. She finished 6-of-6 from the free throw line.
  9. Iowa made all 14 free throws.
  10. Was it a good television product? Again, I fell asleep, but the game was solid action. Would I sit down to watch if Clark wasn’t playing? Zero point zero chance. This was the perfect storm for the women’s game and ESPN’s going to get a very big ratings number from this one. It was a quiet Friday night in the sports world and you had Clark vs. the South Carolina winning streak. That’s the perfect recipe for eyeballs.
  11. No, you don’t have to worry about me going woke or buying WNBA season tickets. I have a responsibility to be informed of what’s going on in the sports world. My streak of never attending or watching a WNBA game remains intact.

There’s no place like home (Idaho) to the Ts

After all those days shuffling between cities. After all those days exploring remote French castles and sucking down the world’s greatest wines in Italy. After staying in villas overlooking the finest sunsets in the European countryside, the Ts are back to their happy place around their massive firepit that can easily burn a Christmas tree.

The Ts are home and back to drinking what looks to me like Kirkland margaritas on a quiet Friday night.


Holly Sonders joins the TNML

• Steve C. writes:

Holly Sonders? Yes! Everyday pics! Welcome to the league!


Is that mower turned on? You bet!

How are her legs already glistening and no sweat up top?

That grass has already been mowed. 

What is always so interesting as they peer off into the distance?

Pretty sure her footwear will not stand up to an entire season. 

She cannot lay down straight lines if she’s not even watching her progress. 

How to take care of the middle-age dad BP throwing arm — ‘Don’t Be A Pussy’

• Pat F. in Fort Lauderdale writes:

From a former professional pitcher, current jet fuel salesman, father of five (10, 9, 8, 6, 2), baseball coach to the six yrs. old:

Don’t be a pussy!  Walk/run to warmup and work the soreness out, stretch some, and keep throwing.  Your arm will be in good enough shape in no time.


I ran a background check on Pat’s credentials. He had a cup of coffee in the minors. He’s legit.

BTW, cheers to Pat for doing his part repopulating the world. Based on Pat’s professional advice, I’m going to work through this shoulder thing, especially now that I know my blogging game won’t be affected by a rotator cuff surgery if it comes to that.

• Dom Z. writes:

Part of  building a good LL coaching staff is having a couple of younger dudes as coaches to help pitch BP. No question your arm WILL fall off if you try to pitch all by yourself.

It made me have more respect for those MLB coaches who pitch BP. No pitch counts there. I bet they toss 200 pitches a day. 


Dom, I’m in bad shape if I’m going to find younger dudes to throw BP. I’m the youngest on the coaching staff.

• Chris B. in Houston writes:

My advice for surviving the season without your shoulder throbbing is firstly to know that you’re old!  You don’t have rubber bones like your players so know your limitations.  The most important thing is to get other parents to help.  You can’t be the only person throwing BP.  No way.  If you need to do more than your body wants to, consider buying a pop up L screen that you can sit your butt behind on a bucket and soft toss underhanded.

Resistance bands are not a gimmick.  Teaching your players to stretch & warm up properly will serve them well. They definitely don’t think they need it.  But it’s darn good for them, and for your old ass too.

Travel Ball coaching antics that should be outlawed

• Tim B. in Everett, Washington writes:

Adding to the list of travel ball coaching actions that if you do, you should be smacked upside the head:

-saying “yes sirrrrrrrrr” anytime anything remotely goes your teams way throughout the entire game.  Examples- A strike for your pitcher.  An out for your team.  Little Davey makes a good throw in warmups from 2nd to 1st.

-adding a “let’s gooooooo” after the “yes sirrrrrrrrr” anytime anything remotely goes your teams way throughout the entire game.  See above for examples.

Hey ladies, form your own leagues…we’ll sell a bunch of t-shirts

Disclosure: Amber is an OutKick writer who is responsible for Nightcaps once a week, I think. This could be the start of a developing story angle here at OutKick.


Look at this beast

• George M. writes in with his March accomplishments:

Two cool things got done this month. Lil cat got all stickered up and league official, and she got a new chain saw attachment!


I find myself wanting to volunteer to cut some logs.

Observations on life from California in March 2023

• Dave in Woodland Hills, California writes:

I think Nightcaps has found a replacement for Yanet (yeah, not a fan of the “Mexican weathergirl” for reasons that might get me canceled even here at Outkick – give me those from Croatia or Brazil any day)…

Been meaning to email with a lot to say, but recently got the virus (no, not that one, the LO virus… Lay Off virus) recently and have had to spend my now-suddenly free time honing the resume and interview skills…

Anyone need a good copywriter, lol? (had to plug, that’s what we do – ask for the sale)

Anyway, I’ll just keep it to the one topic: libs begging for absolution.

That’s a HFN…

I’ve got a list wider than Lizzo why, but 2 things stand out, and not only because of recency bias:

1) the narrative being pushed by the propaganda media that Audrey was a victim and not that she committed a hate crime means our nation took a major step toward divorce. It’ll be interesting to see how the little show in DC goes this weekend…

2) Trump’s indictment. TDS is almost as severe as the mental illness of people like Audrey. I know the libs can be dumb, but this seems so dumb that it’s following a Deep State script. 

And so… they have the gall to ask for absolution. It’s so brazen it’s almost, again, like actors in a play.

There is no absolution for them y’all. Let’s be clear about this.

I live in Los Angeles, though northwest almost in Ventura County, so the libtardity is as low as you’re gonna get in LA county.

But it’s still a cesspool. This county is still uber-majority libs. And what I see and experience nearly every day means no absolution.

I think many in the Outkick gang get what I’m saying, but not enough do… or maybe there’s more talk here than action. 

Because, despite the fact that I will never be able to believe that Brandon got the most votes of any President in history, I shake my head thinking enough people voted for him that the steal wasn’t as obvious as it should have been. 

Voters have to stop giving them an inch.

Regardless of the fact that there’s no way Brandon got 81 million votes, tens of millions of supposed still Americans voted for him!

Including all the libs crying for absolution, those trying to use Outkick or sports for reconciliation, and any now trying to backtrack on their batshit claims and other idiot things they’ve said over the past decade, especially the last 3-4 years.

If not EVERY conspiracy theory in the past few years has been found now to actually be true, it’s only because the other ones haven’t yet seen the light of the day so the truth is finally revealed…

Buckle up, smashbait… The risk of all of us becoming chum is at an all-time high…

Thanks for the ear, Joe. Rant over.


Let’s see if Lib Lib Judd in Ohio has a rebuttal to Dave.

I’ll say this about Dave’s email — I’m super thankful to have not interviewed for a job in 18 years. That’s how long it has been since I interviewed for my last newspaper job and I don’t miss it one bit.

The best part about working on the Internet is that either you know this business or you don’t.

As I’ve mentioned before, I met Clay in person years ago at the Battle at Bristol football game (Tennessee-Virginia Tech) where he sucked down like 1 or 2 Mich Ultras at the Natty Light tailgate I was throwing. We hit it off. He had my number. He texted me like twice in four years and hired me without a face-to-face meeting or an interview.

The rest is history.

Good luck to Dave and the rest of you who have faced recent layoffs.

Ramblings and an opinion on the Amherst, OH bus driver who snapped

• Harvey D. from here in NW Ohio writes:

I have not requested a TNML sticker, I will once I can get the away from home game settled down. Covering 1 and soon to be 2 states for work. Got some suggestions for Jacob B and dead fully decorated fridge. Take the doors off, grind the skins off with an angle grinder, and double stick tape to new fridge! BAM!! INSTANT RETRO LOOK!! Or take the skins/panels and make them garage art?!  Screw them to the walls or ceiling and there you go! People hang jerseys and what not, why not a door off a faithful garage fridge that devoted its life to hydration and intoxication? Like a headstone for plain white or harvest gold soldier of suds and solace. 

Next item, no oil change in a push mower for 4+ years! REALLY?!  The pre season oil change and maintenance is the equivalent of OTA’s in the off season! I know depending on the field of play and the amount of work it gets in a season can vary, but a TNML hot rod is only gonna be at peak performance with some regular TLC!!

Granted those damn Hondas will show up and perform, but every piece of hardware needs some love! Condensation and age are horrible on engine oil! If you are gonna change the oil, do it and run it one mow and do it again, the junk the new oil will break loose needs to be removed. Then go all out, oil, air cleaner service, spark plug, and just go get new blades!!  You do not want your star going on the DL right from the get and having to hit the free agent market for a replacement when the market is higher than it should be for a workhorse. 

Next up Amhearst bus driver:

She should have walked. These self righteous, entitled, Mommy and Daddy will sue you little snots, that haven’t done anything to deserve a speck of respect should all be thrown off of the bus!!The back talk and the B.S. coming from these sniveling twits, unacceptable!

This is what’s is going to be in charge of our Blessed Nation in a decade or two! WTF! We are all f–ked! Kinda makes me glad to be on the last couple of hills on the roller coaster of life, but has me worried for the kids and grandkids that have to put up with these future TikTok wanna be losers.

Own up to what you did! If the lady was allergic to whatever Ode D’ Skank they let off In the bus, she had every right to go off like that! Hell, we make peanut free zones for the little dears that have an allergy, but can’t do the same for the Shepherd of our offspring? And then the school falls all over themselves kissing bad parent ass to calm the lawsuit mob down. They should man up and cancel that route and make Soccer Mommy and Affliction Daddy haul their disrespectful asses to school for the last quarter! 

That Lady did nothing more than we were subjected to weekly or sometimes daily in the 80’s/90’s. Those talkings to were life lessons at the side of a country road! F–k around and find out! Us as a generation are better for it. Fight me on that one! 


Full disclosure: I have to edit the f-bombs from Havey because the Google bots will report back to their bot managers that there are f-bombs on the post and then it sets off all sorts of alarms within the Google hierarchy.

I know, I know, I know…DBAP.

However, this is a business where people do get paid salaries and sometimes we have to play by the rules or Google will slap us around and it will cause this rocketship to not reach prospective Screencaps readers.

But we can feel your passion, Harvey.

BTW, I need to meet that dog.

Ask this at a Final Four party

• Todd B. writes via the Twitter DMs:

Would you take $10,000,000 tax free in exchange for agreeing that for the rest of your life, you can never play, watch, read about, discuss, or learn anything about any sport or any sporting event. If your answers is no, what is your number? Among my friends, nobody would take that deal, but the consensus seems to be that $50,000,000 is the right number.


I’m not sure I want all that money if it means I can’t watch or discuss sports. At some point, going to concerts and watching movies would get old. That’s just how I’m wired.

At least two millennials are still using scrapbooks in the digital age

• Jared P., our resident economics professor (who says he’s ready to answer your economics questions), writes:

My wife and I, who are both millennials, don’t have photo albums but we make scrapbooks with our pictures of important life events. I proposed using a scrapbook (pictures, stories, and receipts from our time dating with the last page containing the ring) and all of our family trips (4 children) have individual scrapbooks (e.g. trips to Disney and our coast-to-coast national park camping trips).


Take that, Amber Harding! Screencaps has readers that are romantics at heart.

Wait, did Jared say he used receipts from when they were dating. I need to hear more about that. You’re damn right I need to know if he kept Applebees receipts. Now that would be a you know when you know kind of thing.

I can’t wait to hear more about this next week.

That’s it. I need to get on the road this morning and you have a new month to attack.

Going into March, I knew it was going to be nuts and it delivered. I’ve mailed out hundreds of TNML envelopes and there are now several hundred more to go with requests coming in nonstop.

April is going to be just as crazy. We have Opening Day, a Masters party to throw this upcoming week, the first full month of baseball practices where I’ll be throwing BP and so many landscaping projects to work on so I’m not scrambling in May.

Let’s go out there and have a productive first weekend of April.

Take care.

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