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Here come the Screencaps readers interested in the Put-In-Bay Invitational

Monday I made the big announcement that my annual Put-In-Bay Two-Club Invitational golf tournament on South Bass Island on Lake Erie is July 9 and it didn’t take long for the emailers to roll in.

Tim G. writes:

I’d like to play in this year’s PIBI. Do I need a second player, or will you pair guys up? I’m sure I can find someone if it’s not too late…


No need to find a guy. I always need a partner. And Tim likes to have beers. Sounds like we’re good to go here.

Scott T. writes:

Was reading the Morning Screencaps today and the golf outing sounds like as good an excuse as any to get out the camping gear and take a day off work. Just wanted to quickly touch base.

I know you’re looking for 36 players but what kind of turnout are you realistically expecting? I’m in Cleveland so it’s close but we probably wouldn’t do it unless we’ve got at least four guys up for camping. I don’t want to take up a huge chunk of spots with guys who don’t read you’re stuff if there’s limited space.

Let me know and I’ll start putting a plan together. Sounds like blast. Thanks!


Scott, I insist that you bring a group of four. Here’s the deal with the PIB Invitational — I don’t care if 48 people show up. I don’t care if 12 show up. If 48 show up, I’ll have to get a few more coolers. If 12 show up, I’ll just need a couple of coolers.

I have friends that back out the morning of the event. I have friends that get approval the morning of and jump into a car with one of their friends for a day at the Bay. I’ll sit there in a lounge chair watching you guys bet $5 on closest-to-the-pin shots all day long under those big shade trees on No. 9.

This is easily the most laid-back golf tournament you’re ever going to play in. Please don’t overdress or stress.

Julio C. writes:

“Let’s just say you have to see the Put-In-Bay Country Club to understand it. Shoes and shirts are optional. Music is encouraged. Fun is mandatory. “

I got just the song for your event.

On those April snow dumps

• Patrick M. from Vancouver, Washington writes:

The stripes at my son’s house didn’t last long as they were hit with late-season snow last night. 

Grandkids are excited as their spring break got extended an extra day!

I’m in Palm Desert and missed the excitement.  Trying to figure out how to get stripes on my front that has astroturf



Reid’s pool dilemma update

• Reid S. in Cincinnati is back with an update, but this time he’s writing about fixing up the other side of his yard, not the part that’s going to be destroyed when the equipment starts rolling into dig a pool in his neighbor’s yard.

Reid writes:

Thought I would share some weekend updates. As I said in my first email, I planned to give some major TLC to other parts of the yard that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. My front yard will be used as a road for my neighbors pool install in a few weeks (which I am being properly compensated for) so it shall remain neglected of any maintenance that requires money (ether then push mower gas).

Numbers from the weekend,

Yard Repair–

1 scarify – 1 clean up mow — 108 wheel barrels of top soil — 14 hours —- 61,210 steps — 8 beers –

Sunday Masters Grill Out–

14 friends —- 3 toddlers —-2 NY Strips, Cheese, 1 Onion, & 3 feet of sub bread —- 20 chicken wings —- 3 Mahi Mahi Filets — 2 grilled flatbreads — 5 Mets — & 2 racks of baby back ribs on inaugural spins of a rotisserie attachment for my 2 burner Weber grill my parents got me for Christmas (this thing is NICE!!!) …. Total Leftovers = 3 rib bones

We did run out of beer as more people showed up then anticipated but a quick impromptu audible led us to frozen fruit smoothies with tequila, they turned out nice and matched the blooming Azuela’s at The Masters.

The rest of today will be mental preparation for a long & GLORIOUS Reds opening day tomorrow with 3 of my best friends,

8:00 A.M –  First tee time of the day at a mediocre but fun golf course  (Avon Fields)

8:01 A.M –  First alcoholic beverage of the day

12:30 PM –  Our driver picks us up and takes us to downtown Cincinnati bars and the Reds opening day parade.

4:00 P.M. –  See Johnathan India receive his Rookie of The Year award

4:05 P.M. –  See Joe Burrow throw out the first pitch and get a standing/wild ovation as he IS the savior of Cincinnati!!

4:10 P.M – Reds Baseball season is officially underway and as memory starts to get foggy.

6:00 A.M. Wednesday… Hungover for work, but NO REGRETS!!!

May 1st – All hope for the Reds is gone as we start looking forward to football season.


Now that’s a Tuesday that would punish me for the rest of the week, but it sounds awesome. A few weeks ago, someone was asking me about my Reds fandom and if it’s still there. It’ll be there until the day I die based on my history with that team and what it meant to my family, but it’s really hard to get excited for another year of disappointment due to rebuild after rebuild.

Of course, I’ll be watching/listening in the garage as I get a few things done and play catch with the boys.

On Opening Day and keeping things interesting at the park with Mound Ball

• Jeff M. writes:

With opening day just happening, I wanted to share with you and all the screencaps readers one of the best ways we have found to put a little life into a slow-paced baseball game.  This was invented by me and some buddies at Arlington Stadium way back in the 90’s.  This was the old school stadium with aluminum bleachers in the outfield and dogs/burgers only, no fancy ballpark with 96 different menu options. 
The game is called “Mound Ball” and it’s pretty simple.  Everyone kicks in a buck into the pot (we used a baseball cap) and one girl/guy gets the hat first.  After the 3rd out in the top of the 1st is recorded, you watch where the ball ends up.  Usually, the player will toss the ball towards the mound, if it ends up on the dirt of the mound, the person with the pot wins the total and everybody antes up.  If the ball ends up anywhere else, they put another $1 in and pass the hat for the next half-inning.  It’s a blast cheering and hollering when everyone else in the stadium is wondering what the hell is going on when you boo Rafel Palmerio for giving the ball to a kid in the first row behind the dugout.

One other rule, you have to be able to see the ball on the dirt mound from your seats, if it ends up on the other side of the mound and you can’t see it, add a buck and pass the hat.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to our mowing season kicking off in the next week or so!

On old minor league ballpark dumps that still hold great memories

• Patrick C., who lives here in Perrysburg, OH, writes:

I’m in full agreement of the dump known as Ned Skelton Stadium, however, between the years 2015-2017 the old ballpark was the home stadium to the Stingers Baseball Club. Our travel team played many a game at that yard and despite the dilapidated surroundings the boys loved calling the place home. A lot of memories and good times took place between the baselines there.

Some glorious victories, hard-fought defeats, and of course those endless games that never seemed to end soon enough. During our home games there I would assume the PA responsibilities and thanked the good Lord the elevator worked every time I got behind the microphone. I more than likely won’t shed a tear when they eventually tear the place down, but I know there will be a few former Stingers who might.


Don’t get me wrong re: Monday’s commentary on the minor league ballpark where I served my internship. There are incredible memories in that place where we could drink beers and sit in the front row for afternoon games when Deion Sanders was in town with Louisville. I’ll never forget those days, that’s for sure.

Winter is loosening its grip in Minnesota

• Danny W. in Otsego, MN (NW suburb of Minnesapolis) writes:

Finally got the ice rink out of the way. Things are getting close in MN.


Now I need an update from our readers in North Dakota who tell me their golf opening weekend is held during NFL Draft weekend. That’s April 28-30. This stuff is coming up fast all across the country. It’s going to be balls to the walls for the next 6-8 weeks. I can feel the tension building, as I’m sure you guys can.

On high-priced rum

• Mike T. in Idaho sent in this story about how the new rage is high-priced rum. Anyone in the market for $1,100 rum & Coke?



Great, now I have to come up with a nickname for rum collectors like Bourbon Bros. Any ideas? It’s early and nothing is popping into my head right now.

And with that, let’s get this day rolling along. Have a great day across this great country.

Take care.

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