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Permanent Christmas lights – yay or nay?

• Wyn in Colorado writes:

Happy early Thanksgiving to all. Plenty to be thankful for in this world even though the media doesn’t want you to think so. 

I’m thankful for this community. Love getting a peak at how real Americans live their lives through their emails and DMs to Joe and Screencaps. Americana at its best. 

Wanted to chime in on Christmas lights since I’ve made a major adjustment to mine this year. Previously my steadfast rule was up the weekend after Thanksgiving and down the day after Super Bowl. This year however, I already have them on. The reason being, I got permanent lights installed on the house (happy to share the company name if you email Joe but we don’t give free advertising on Screencaps).

What’s great about these lights is you can turn them on and off, turn the lights to anyone of 16 million different colors, set patterns and essentially create your own Clark Griswold experience…all from an app. Snowing here tonight so I turned on a “Frozen” pattern. The other two are to show versatility. 

Side note: off to have gallbladder removed today. Years of bad diet finally caught up. Any reader tips for post surgery diet are appreciated. 

Have a great weekend and keep it real. 

  1. That email took a quick turn at the end. All the best to Wyn and this surgery thing he’s going through. Wyn actually made a very generous offer this week to Screencaps and the Pittsburgh mini-summit. I think we can take up Wyn on his offer in 2023 for a certain Screencaps summer event.
  2. I don’t get the permanent lights thing. Are you guys turning on the permanent lights in September to celebrate a college football win like you’re the Empire State building?
  3. In other words, when are you using these lights outside Christmas? I’m not trying to fire up Wyn’s blood pressure as he goes in to get cut on, so maybe one of the other permanent light owners can chime in.
  4. I’m blown away by how many people have Christmas lights hung by companies. I saw a woman I went to high school with asking on Facebook about having her house decorated in small-town America and I was blown away. The first time I ever heard of such a thing was in 2006 or so when a coworker said his sister in Albuquerque had a company hang all of her lights. It was one of the most millionaire things I’d ever heard of. Now I see signs advertising Christmas light installation while in line at Starbucks. It’s wild.
  5. No, I do not get on anything taller than an 8′ ladder.

What brings Brian J. joy

Those of you who’ve been around since at least August of 2021 might remember a theme we spent many weeks dissecting: What brings me joy?

It’s still one of the best themes Screencaps has ever focused on. It’s so damn important to think of such a simple question.

• Brian J. in Knoxville has been thinking about that subject and he decided to follow up on his 2021 email where he shared his love of watching his daughter play high-level high school softball.

Brian is back and writes:

I’m replying to this email from over a year ago. I bring it up as this past week my daughter’s HS softball career has wrapped up and we had signing day! 

In summary, she has:

– won a state championship

– all-region 1st team

– scholar-athlete of the year for her school

– been on TV

– played in front of over 1,000 people many times

– played in over 15 states now

Signing day was last week – She’s going to a top-25 academic school! She is as confident as ever even with a lot of adversity she’s had to deal with. 

Point being – people think sports is about sports. It is, and it isn’t. What does that mean? It’s also about developing confidence, teamwork, dealing with pressure, and losing. Everyone loses in life at some point. We all do. And a lot of times in youth sports, you lose the 9 am game, and get to come back and play the 11 am game. You might lose that too, but you get to come back next weekend and try again. The real losers are the ones who don’t want to come back and try again. Losing doesn’t equal failure. Failure is not willing to put yourself out there knowing you might lose again.

I’m sure there are lots of screencap readers with kids in sports who question writing the check and spending the money on sports, especially travel sport2. All the 5 am wakeup calls, having to leave work early on Friday to drive 5 hours to a tournament, the money spent on lessons, and the time you could be BBQ’ing…all I can say is this – make sure your kid is getting more out of it than just a physical skills, more than just sports. What they learn on the field isn’t just about the ball if you’re doing it right. 

Take care and I really enjoy my 9 am ritual of screencaps & straight black coffee.

Big lumber news

This is KenCraft right here in Toledo, OH where we’ve purchased several boards and one massive cherry tree branch live edge board over the last couple of years. If KenCraft says “prices coming down” then lumber prices are officially coming down in the midwest. Now, I can’t confirm or deny it’s happening at Home Depot, but at the only store I’d trust with high-end wood projects the prices are dropping.

Random thoughts

• Roger C. writes:

Haven’t sent anything in while, still reading Caps daily and everything you write.

I highly recommend LG tv’s.  Just go into a store and they always have the best picture.  I’ve had several and will be the only brand I purchase.  I spent $3000 on an OLED in 2021 then bought one for my mother in law at Walmart this month for $350 including tax.  Her picture is as good as mine if not better.

Parts of Hildee are perfect but I can’t see her now without thinking of the belly button or what appear to be huge feet. Also looks very short.  Need to see her in person for a final ruling.

Think you may have some new Instagram girl material looking at the British soccer team’s significant others on the boat.  I wouldn’t walk across the street to sit in the best seats for free at the World Cup but I’d definitely attend the party on that boat.

Don’t care for Hookstead.  Think he’s trying to copy your topics and is traveling in your lane.  Plus I think he’s a big liberal based on his whining about Griner being held in Russia.

Hoping for a battery daddy for Christmas!

Keep on doing what you’re doing and Go Vols!!!

Roger, I don’t want you to be concerned by Hookstead or any of the other OutKick writers traveling in my lane. Thursday, I decided it was time to give up the Jena Sims lane. It’s time for others to cruise down some of these content roads. Remember, OutKick is growing and that’s great for my sanity. A year ago, I was like an over-the-road trucker traveling backroads with very few days home with the family.

I was covering some serious mileage and I needed to get off the road.

Many of these OutKick guys are like 30 years old. I’m now the old grizzled vet trying to hit the corners with the four-seam fastball that doesn’t hit the upper 90s. BUT…I still have some old-school off-speed pitches.

Don’t worry, Roger, these young bucks aren’t going to take me out just yet.

And I better see a Christmas photo of your new Battery Daddy.

Let’s go to Spain!

• Mike T. writes:

This is the Bbq action on the beach in Malaga, these are sardines!

Global electricity prices

Mike T. likes to send these over for you guys to co

What was Matt thinking?

• John I. writes:

At Isle Bowl and Pizza, Isle, MN. I don’t know how “Matt” could ever part with it.

Isle, Minnesota on Mille Lacs Lake looks like my kind of town. Tiny downtown. Cabins to rent. And a bowling alley with a Dale Earnhardt tribute bowling ball. Something tells me they raise a little hell at the Isle Bowl.

And that’s it for this morning. I have at least two dozen emails piled up, so everyone hang tight, I’ll get through them. This is an excellent time of year for emails. You guys have days off and nothing else to do but write incredible messages about life in your part of the world.

Keep them coming. Just keep these messages about Christmas lights while pivoting to gallbladder surgery emails to a minimum. Stay healthy out there.

Have a great day.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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