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The blue checkmarks will lose their minds today if Tebow isn’t cut

It’s cut-down day across the NFL when rosters will need to be trimmed to 85 players by the end of the business day. In Jacksonville, all eyes will be on what Urban Meyer does with Tim Tebow, who has served as a blue checkmark whipping boy for his performance over the weekend against the Browns. The checkmarks are fully prepared to be OUTRAGED if Tebow’s not part of the first cuts and the blue checkmark heroes are fully prepared to be OUTRAGED if Tebow is cut.

The second part of that scenario would lead to the checkmarks lecturing us on how Urban Meyer’s decision to bring Tebow to camp is what’s wrong with the buddy system in the sport and how Tebow’s privilege is shameful, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile, the second-most popular jersey in the Jags team store is Tebow’s No. 85, just behind the new franchise quarterback’s jersey.

The good news for the blue checkmarks in their battle against Tebow taking up a roster spot is that the Jags now have two road preseason games. There’s no ticket sale benefit to be had with the loss of a preseason home game.

The bad news for the blue checkmarks is that the guy moves products, including random things like a bronze coin photo plaque.

Prepare yourself for the NFL talking heads to bash this storyline over the next 8-10 hours and then turn the Tebow topic into a full day of opinion on Wednesday. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Update: It’s over.

https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1427625331465326594https://twitter.com/TimTebow/status/1427623102821933057• I wanted to highlight a couple of new names that sent in emails last week for TNML while I was on the canoe trip. I’m fairly certain Chris F in Madrid, Nebraska is new to the league.

Southwest Nebraska says hello, drought and all.

• Travis H. is new to the league:

Just got it in before the storm, have to thank my sponsors Busch beer, and Mobil gas. Everybody has been working real hard, from picking up sticks to dog poop! My first submission but I’ve been living the tnml for a minute now.

• Ken S. from North Augusta, GA writes:

Good morning, Mr. Commish –
I’m not certain of league regulations regarding nominations, and I have no actual info, but while driving through Montana a couple of days ago, I saw this field out in the middle of nowhere. I thought “if this guy isn’t in the TNML he at least deserves recognition!”

Who knows, he may decide to join if by chance he sees this picture. Thanks for all your diligence, commitment and hard work.

• What were people buying during the pandemic? Booze, junk and fake sausage. I know you guys won’t admit it, but mixing in a seltzer every 3-4 cold ones isn’t going to kill you. Get some fruit flavor every now and then. As for the fake sausage, someone let me know how it is. I haven’t gone down that path yet.

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