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If you’re an old school fan of the Wild West Internet mentality, you need to go look at r/wallstreetbets

The Internet has become stupid TikTok videos, Instagram models posting workout videos, people constantly bitching on Twitter, and your parents acting like idiots on Facebook. We were due for some old-school Internet to breakout, and that’s exactly what we’re getting over on Reddit r/wallstreetbets. These Redditors have banded together to fight short-seller Andrew Left of Citron Research.

You guys have way more Wall Street intellect than I’ll have over my lifetime, so there’s no need to recap the stock financials on Monday. Let’s just say it was a wild ride from the $80s into the $150s, down to the $60s, and now into the mid $70s as Redditors try to figure out their next move. If you want to see the battle rage, go over to r/wallstreetbets and take a look. Be careful, you’ll be sucked in. Set aside an hour of your time before diving into the threads.

All of this reminds me of War Dogs, the movie based on the real-life story of 20-somethings dealing in arms to the U.S. government via contracts they found buried deep on the Internet. It’s this whole we’ll just figure it out as it comes mentality that you have to respect out of 20-somethings throwing their money at a video game company stock because it has insane short interest and the 20-somethings think they’re locked in a war with market makers.

The Great $GME War of 2021 will likely be over here in a day or so and there will be carnage everywhere, but it snaps us out of the dumb TikTok video funk we’re in and shows us just how incredibly entertaining the old school wild west Internet used to be.

• Hope you got those $8,600 Super Bowl seats on Monday. Now the get-in price is over $13,000. The market has officially exploded for those 22,000 available seats.

• The great Bob Pockrass has an interview out on Jamie Little, who will soon begin her run as the play-by-play voice of the ARCA Menards series on Fox Sports. Don’t worry, Jamie will still handle pit duties during NASCAR races.

• Starting today, international travelers will have to show proof of a negative for COVID-19 within three days of their flight to the U.S.

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  1. “Starting today, international travelers will have to show proof of a negative for COVID-19 within three days of their flight to the U.S.”

    Or what? They sending you to Gitmo? Or just take you out to a field and shoot you in the back of the head?

    Enough of this tyranny.

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