Kansas Makes Eli Drinkwitz Look Silly For Trolling Jayhawks While Missouri Gets Blown Out At Home

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Missouri head football coach Eli Drinkwitz looks pretty silly after taking shots at Kansas basketball on Saturday night. His attempted troll was very funny, but in the greater context, it was an epic failure.

Drinkwitz, who has been known to joke throughout the years, pulled up to the Tigers’ home game against the No. 6-ranked Jayhawks on Saturday. As he arrived at the hardwood version of The Border War, he pulled out a sign that poked fun at an NCAA investigation centered around Mizzou’s cross-state rivals.

In September of 2019, Kansas received a Notice of Allegations from the NCAA regarding its basketball program. It included five Level-I violations— the most severe violations.

Last month, in response to the ongoing investigation, the Jayhawks self-imposed sanctions that included a four-game suspension for head coach Bill Self to begin the 2022 season. Drinkwitz jabbed at the current situation in Lawrence.

While there is a lot of humor to Eli Drinkwitz’s sign, his school got absolutely smacked on its home court. Kansas beat Missouri in Columbia by 28.

In addition, Drinkwitz’s troll comes after a report said that his football program ducked the Jayhawks in a bowl game. While the Tigers’ head coach denied the report and said that his team would play them any time, anywhere, the report still exists and the two schools are not playing each other in a bowl.

So for Drinkwitz to turn around and try to roast Kansas, while funny in theory, did not work. Even Lane Kiffin had some thoughts about the sign and did not seem to think it was a success.

Drinkwitz had a funny idea to rally his school’s fanbase in a funny way and unite against their rivals. And if the game had gone differently, it might have landed. But in a 28-point loss? Brutal.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. Loser coach.

    Loser school.

    Loser State.

    The state of Missouri has NEVER had a program reach the Final Four.

    Kansas has THREE different programs with MULTIPLE Final fours, totaling 22.



    Wichita State–2

    Hell, by the time Missouri agrees to play KU in football again, Drinkwitz might not even be around.

  2. Missouri to the SEC has not worked out too well. Allowing for a couple of good Gary Pinkel teams early on …Missouri has settled into being Vanderbily2.0 … a perennial lower tier football program. Their basketball has been a trainwreck since Norm Stewart retired.

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