National Anthem Singer At ‘El Trafico’ Appears To Have Lyrics Written On Hand While Signing In Front Of Record Rose Bowl Crowd

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The scenes at Tuesday’s El Trafico were magnificent, including the national anthem which kicked things off on the Fourth of July. However, for the person behind the microphone, it was rather nerve-wracking.

To help ease some of those nerves, the anthem singer appeared to have the words written on her hand.

El Trafico, a cheeky play on the ‘El Clásico’ rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid, pits the two Los Angeles-based MLS franchises against one another. It’s a big deal when the L.A. Galaxy and LAFC get together on the pitch.

There have been brawls in the stands, and the fans go absolutely bonkers.

On Tuesday, the Fourth of July, El Trafico had a different look to it. The match was played in one of sports’ most iconic stadiums — the Rose Bowl.

An MLS-record crowd of more than 80,000 descended upon Pasadena for the cross-city derby. It was just as beautiful as it is on the first day of the new year when the Big Ten and Pac 12 get together for The Grandaddy Of Them All.

Supporters on both sides were ridiculously rowdy throughout the entire 90 minutes.

Especially when Tyler Boyd ripped a banger.

Before the match got underway, Heidi-Marie Ferren took centerstage for the singing of the national anthem. It was pretty epic.

Who is Heidi-Marie Ferren and what was on her hand?

Ferren is a jack-of-all-trades. She is a writer, actor, producer, vocalist and speaker.

In addition to all of her roles, Ferren also served as Miss USO (United States Service Organization). As such, she traveled across the globe to perform for the troops. It is an honorable role in which she served well.

On Tuesday, Ferren was presented with the honor of singing the national anthem on America’s birthday. No matter how many times that a person has sung on stage or performed the Star Spangled Banner, doing so in front of 82,000 people on national television on the Fourth of July is stressful.

There were many people before Ferren who failed. Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl rendition might be the most famous flub. Rachel Platten is another example.

Ferren did not want to be a part of that exclusive club, and was not. Just in case, though, it appeared that she wrote the lyrics on her hand as backup.

For all we know, Ferren may have had her grocery list written on her left hand. It could have been anything, but it sure seems like she was giving herself a safety net so not to end up like Aguilera or Platten. Can you blame her?

Either way, Ferren didn’t need it anyway!

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