A’s Radio Guy Ray Fosse Makes Buzzing Sounds During Jose Altuve At-Bat, Eduardo Perez Seems Triggered

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I am begging society to not be offended by A’s radio color analyst Ray Fosse making buzzing sounds Friday night during a Jose Altuve (.192 to start the season) at-bat. Eduardo Perez, an ESPN TV color analyst posted this audio clip clearly trying to get people to say Fosse was being unprofessional. It’s easy to see right through what he’s doing here.

It’s like Eduardo didn’t get the memo that home broadcast teams are homers. Imagine home radio teams being fair and balanced while calling a random August game featuring a guy who (allegedly) wore a buzzer under his jersey. That’s not playing in the home market. Ray’s job is to be a homer and make buzzing sounds. It’s like Ed Perez has never listened to a home team broadcast. It’s like Ed Perez has never listened to NFL home radio broadcasts that sound like the local bar with yelling and rooting on the home team.

And lest we forget, Eduardo’s employer has used the homer Megacast during college football playoff games. I have news for Eduardo, home teams demand homer broadcasters. Stop with this professional vs. unprofessional nonsense.

Verdict: it was professional

It’s like Eduardo Perez has never listened to Jack Edwards call a Bruins game:

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