Ed Sheeran Is PISSED Even Though He Just Won His Copyright Case

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Despite winning a song copyright lawsuit against him, Ed Sheeran is NOT happy that it even went to trial.

The Grammy Award winning singer songwriter told reporters that he would not be “used as a piggy bank” after facing a lawsuit over alleged copyright claims that his “Thinking Out Loud” song copied Marvin Gaye’s hit song “Let’s Get It On.”


“It looks like I’m not having to retire from my day job afterall,” Sheeran mockingly said after the not-guilty verdict.

“But at the same time I am unbelievably frustrated that baseless claims like this are allowed to go to court [in the first place],” Sheeran continued before calling the whole entire sham lawsuit “dangerous.”

After three hours of deliberation, a Manhattan jury found Sheeran not liable of copyright infringement that his song was copying Marvin Gaye co-writer Ed Townsend’s 1973 classic.

Gaye’s family was not part of the lawsuit, instead it was the Townsend estate that claimed that Sheeran’s song had “striking similarities” to their father’s hit song.

Rather than settle, Sheeran took the case to trial because he realized how important and significant this case would be for the future of music. He summed it up brilliantly when he testified in court that, “there’s only so many notes and very few chords used in pop music,” as well that “most pop songs can fit over most pop songs.”

At one point, Sheeran even busted out his guitar and began playing on the witness stand showing just how similar so many songs actually are. He also testified that he didn’t even think of Marvin Gaye’s song until after the song was already released, but rather he was inspired by Van Morrison.

In his statement after today’s verdict, Sheeran also told reporters that he had to miss his grandmother’s funeral because of this trial – saying that he will “never get that time back [with his family].”


As a lifelong musician and music fan myself, I can’t stress how important this decision was for songwriters and the future of music. If the jury found Sheeran guilty, it would have opened up the damn floodgates for lawsuits and litigation. Scam artist lawyers would be going through discographies from decades ago just to try and come up with some pseudo-comparison that somebody ripped someone else off.

Honestly, it probably should not have ever gone to trial to begin with. But the fact that it came out the correct way and the jury got it right is no doubt a decisive victory and hopefully will stop similar baseless lawsuits in the future.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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