Ed Orgeron Chats Up Bikini-Clad Women At The Beach

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Ed Orgeron seems to be enjoying his summer.

There were some very brief rumors the former LSU coach could be interested in taking over at Northwestern after Pat Fitzgerald was fired, but those rumors were quickly crushed.

We might now know why Coach O isn’t in a rush to return to coach:

He’s too busy crushing it at the beach!

Ed Orgeron spotted chatting up bikini-clad women at the beach. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for The Volume )

A viral TikTok video surfaced Wednesday night showing the national championship-winning coach chatting up some bikini-clad women at the beach.

He was also holding hands with a blonde woman who is a shade hard to identify, but it’s likely Bailie Lauderdale.

Ed Orgeron is enjoying life in retirement.

You think Ed Orgeron cares one bit about no longer being the head coach at LSU? Absolutely not. He’s absolutely crushing life.

It takes one second of watching this video to know Ed Orgeron’s days of coaching are almost certainly behind him. Spend time on the recruiting trail or spend time at beach chatting up women? Seems like the latter is a lot less stressful.

Also, Ed Orgeron is 61 and looks like he could throw on the pads right now and take a few snaps at middle linebacker. The dude is in outrageous shape for his age.

Former LSU coach Ed Orgeron is crushing it in retirement. (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Orgeron is a very rich man.

One of the reasons Ed Orgeron might be okay not returning to coaching is because his bank account is already stacked with cash.

His buyout after being pushed out the door at LSU was just north of $17 million. That’s a ton of money, and he’d already earned plenty from his previous coaching stints.

There’s no real rush to land another head coaching job if money isn’t an issue. It’s definitely not for Coach O and he’s now crushing it at the beach.

Ed Orgeron spotted chatting up women at the beach in viral TikTok video. (Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Never change, Orgeron. Never change. The content train from Coach O is simply way too much to ever slow down.

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