Ebanie Bridges Hits Back At ‘Haters’ After Rolling With Conor McGregor In Revealing Outfit

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Ebanie Bridges is returning fire at people who might not be happy with her weekend activities with Conor McGregor.

Bridges rolled with the UFC legend to the Anthony Joshua/Robert Helenius boxing match this past weekend, and did so while wearing a revealing outfit.

As OutKick noted at the time, it appeared the duo might have ginned up more attention than the actual fight.

Well, some were apparently not pleased and might have misunderstood the dynamics because McGregor has long been in a relationship with Dee Devlin.

Now, the Australian boxer is clearing the air.

Ebanie Bridges clarifies being in Conor McGregor’s entourage.

The talented boxer and OnlyFans star tweeted Monday afternoon the two were together simply to promote Forged Stout. Nothing more. Nothing less.

However, she did give all her haters a huge shoutout for “promoting” the two and Forged Stout by drawing so much attention to the situation.

It definitely doesn’t appear Bridges is too worried about the attention.

McGregor also took to Twitter not that long after Bridges to double down on the fact it was just a sponsored event.

Bridges takes a shot at her critics.

As soon as I saw Bridges and McGregor together at the Anthony Joshua/Robert Helenius boxing match, I knew that people were going to take it and run wild.

Welcome to the internet. People love drama, chaos and inflaming issues. Ebanie Bridges is incredibly popular on Instagram and OnlyFans. That’s just a fact.

She’s been open about the fact she was paid more than $450,000 to join the adult-focused website.

Ebanie Bridges hits back at critics after attending boxing match with Conor McGregor. (Photo by Leigh Dawney/Getty Images)

What do people promoting products want? Attention. They want lots of attention and Conor McGregor isn’t an idiot. If there’s one thing he knows other than fighting, it’s how to get attention. There’s a 100% chance he knew what he was doing by rolling to a fight with Ebanie Bridges, and to his credit, it appeared to work like a charm.

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