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Early Numbers Suggest ‘First Take’ Viewers Didn’t Want Stephen A. To Boot Off Max Kellerman

Now in its third week, First Take is settling in with its new rotation without Max Kellerman. Stephen A. Smith kicked Kellerman off the show and bragged about it. Smith also says he is finally excited to do First Take again. That’s nice, but are the viewers as excited as Smith?  Obviously, it’s early and ESPN has not finished the picture. However, First Take‘s new revamped format hasn’t been an improvement in quality or ratings so far. As a result, First Take is trailing all of ESPN’s other comparable conversational programs this week: Stephen A. said on radio he saw numbers that suggested @FirstTake's viewers wanted Max Kellerman off. The early ratings say otherwise. This week, First Take is losing to Get Up and NFL Live, in addition to PTI and ATH: FT: 398kGet Up: 408kNFL Live: 413kATH: 469kPTI: 652k — Bobby Burack (@burackbobby_) September 24, 2021 PTI and ATH routinely top First Take, though it’s noteworthy to see Get Up and NFL Live outpacing a Stephen A. Smith-led program. That’s rare. Get Up airs before First Take in a more challenging 8 to 10 am time slot. Meanwhile, NFL Live broadcasts from 4 to 5 pm, not traditionally ideal hours […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.