Eagles Center Kelce Doesn’t Hold Back On Sitting Players: “Everything Is About Winning”

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The talk of the NFL today is all about the decision by the Philadelphia Eagles to sit starting quarterback Jalen Hurts early in the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s game against the Washington Football Team and play backup Nate Sudfeld instead.

The move made many fans (mostly from New York that wear Giants blue) livid, as it put the Eagles in a tough spot in a winnable game. Washington did prevail, and therefore won the NFC East with a mark of 7-9 and knocked the Giants out of the playoffs.

Many Eagles had some interesting postgame comments after the game, some defending their franchise and the decision to play Sudfeld since Hurts had struggled in the game.

Others, such as Eagles center Jason Kelce, had a different opinion, an opinion he shared a few weeks back.

Kelce, the brother of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, went so far as to say that no matter what, the game should always come down to winning, not putting backups in the game just to see what the team may have for the future, something it appeared that the Eagles did Sunday night.

“It’s an exciting time whenever anyone is going out there for the first time. That being said, I think at all times in the NFL, the focus should be winning the football game. Nothing else takes precedence. No player evaluation, no amount of curiosity from anybody within the organization,” Kelce said.

“Everything is focused in this league, in my opinion, about winning games. You see a lot of losing teams disdain losses for a lot of losing years when they have bad cultures, when they don’t try to win every week.”

The Eagles’ season ended with the team going 4-11-1, their worst mark with Doug Pederson as the team’s head coach.

Pederson is going to return for the 2021 season, and Kelce feels that the Eagles, even with the drama of 2020, are not that far away from being back in the Super Bowl like they were just a few seasons ago.

“This isn’t basketball. One draft pick isn’t going to make us Super Bowl champion. It might be a big start for us to be a Super Bowl champion, but it’s always going to be about the team. That’s the greatest thing about this sport.”

“I don’t care if you’ve lost every game and you’re 0-15 and it’s the last one you got, everything is about winning in this league.”

No matter how you cut it, it did not appear to be that way Sunday night in the regular season finale against Washington.

Written by Matt Loede

Matt has been a part of the Cleveland Sports landscape working in the media since 1994 when he graduated from broadcasting school. His coverage beats include the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Cavaliers. He's written three books, and won the "2020 AP Sports Stringer Lifetime Service Award."


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  1. I don’t get the narrative. Please someone explain what Jalen Hurts was doing that anyone thought he could drive the team down the field to win? 7-20, 72 yards, 1 int and 2 rushing TD’s. Mind you the refs called 7 or 8 penalties against the WFT on the Eagles two TD drives.

    • I don’t get it either. I thought we cared about facts here? Anyone notice that Hurts played like crap? I’m waiting to hear how a QB with 35% completion and an INT is supposed to indicate to someone that he’s going to lead a comeback drive. I know this, A lot of unfounded things are being said of a respected coach who won a super bowl a couple years ago, and I think that’s pretty reckless, sad and dumb.

  2. As an Outkick VIP I expect better. This site is supposed to be about the facts. Taking a video from December 16th and then portraying it like Kelce said this last night, is supposed to be everything Outkick is against. Highly disappointed.

  3. The Eagles mailed it in, that was apparent. The integrity of an organization requires that it play to win. You saw the Jets win even thought it meant they would lose the No. 1 draft pick. If the Jets had so little regard for their organizations integrity they would be 0 – 16…
    The league should not forget what the Eagles did! You play the game 100%, not just for your team, but because it matters to other teams.

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