WINNING: New College Football Video Game Will Have A Heavy Dynasty Mode Focus

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EA Sports’ upcoming college football video game will push the chips in on Dynasty Mode.

Dynasty mode was hands down the best part of the game before they were discontinued following “NCAA Football 14” summer 2013.

You could spend countless hours trying to turn Akron into a powerhouse program. Now, the game will return summer 2024 for the first time in more than a decade and EA Sports is smartly going heavy on Dynasty Mode.

EA Sports’ new college football video game will have a heavy focus on Dynasty Mode. (Mandatory Credit: Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports via USA TODAY Network)

EA Sports’ college football game will have a great Dynasty Mode.

Matt Brown, arguably the best reporter on the game’s return, reported a source from EA Sports told him the “flagship game mode for EA Sports College Football is Dynasty Mode.”

Brown reported the video game company is spending “a lot of” its “energy” in developing a great Dynasty Mode.

His reporting was also backed up by Ari Wasserman. The Athletic writer reported the recruiting interface for the game, which he’s seen firsthand, is going to be incredible.

The news about Dynasty Mode being the main focus comes as it’s also been revealed the game will feature the likeness and names of real players.

This is exactly what fans want.

EA Sports going all in on Dynasty Mode isn’t just a smart decision. It’s the only decision on the table that makes sense.

Building a powerhouse is what made “NCAA Football” such an epic game. You could take any program, recruit like an absolute dog and build a juggernaut.

Nothing was better than finding a hidden gem or recruiting a freak athlete and turning him into the best dual-threat QB in the country. There was also an incredible joy in stashing a QB on the bench for a couple years and then riding with him as an upper-classman. Gamers used to pour an unreal time into recruiting and chasing national titles.

It might sound crazy to people out there who never played the game. However, it makes sense to everyone reading this who used to crush hours and hours of “NCAA Football.” Dynasty Mode is where it was at, and that’s where it will be, once again, next summer.

Fans can’t wait for EA Sports’ new college football game. It will focus heavily on dynasty mode. (Photo by Matthew Visinsky/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Next summer is going to be a fun one. We’re going to fire up the game, grab some beers and play for hours. It’s been a long time coming. Who is ready to watch South Alabama or Old Dominion win some national titles? Let’s get ready to roll!

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