No. 1 Overall Recruit Dylan Raiola Celebrates First Win In Most Georgia Way Possible After Showing That Dawg In Him

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Dylan Raiola is the No. 1 overall prospect in the college football recruiting Class of 2024. The 6-foot-3, 220-pound quarterback was previously committed to play for Ohio State but later decommitted and flipped to Georgia in May.

Raiola has played for three high schools since 2020. He began his career with two years at Burleson in Texas and spent 2022 at Chandler in Arizona.

And then, a month or so after committing to the Bulldogs, Raiola transferred east and joined Buford High School in Georgia. His first game was Saturday and it ended with fireworks.

A massive brawl broke out amongst the players on both sides. The incident was wild.

Before the evening reached that point, it was a figurative fight on the field.

Buford, the No. 10 team in the country, and No. 6 St. Frances battled it out for 60 minutes. Raiola was pressured all night and was frequently forced out of the pocket.

Despite the strong defensive effort, the nation’s top high school player finished 14 of 26 for 184 yards and two touchdowns. It was a good performance against a good team, but not great.

He was slinging it at every opportunity.

A few of this throws stood out as special.

One throw in particular really showcased his arm talent.

He dropped a dime into a bucket.

There were also a few moments in which Raiola showed that he has that dawg in him.

Buford began its 2023 campaign at 1-0. Raiola is undefeated as a quarterback in the state of Georgia.

How did he celebrate? In the most Georgia way possible.

Raiola and his teammates hit Waffle House — which was a foreign concept to the future Athens-based signal-caller up until just a few months ago.

Raiola has only been in the Peach State for around 60 days, but he is already fitting right in. Win and go to Waffle House. It’s the Georgia way!

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