Game Between Top-10 High School Football Team Ends In Massive Brawl

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Buford beating St. Frances Academy didn’t end with pleasantries and congratulations on a game well-played.

The matchup between two top-10 teams ended with an absolute melee and punches flying. Following Buford, located in Georgia, shutting out the school from Baltimore, players decided fighting was a good idea and all hell broke loose.

A video captured by Jeff Sentell shows players trying to beat the living daylights out of each other. It appeared multiple times in the video that players from Buford were outnumbered and getting rag-dolled by players from St. Frances Academy.

You can watch all the chaos unfold below.

Unacceptable conduct at the end of the Buford/St. Frances Academy game.

Sports can be very passionate. People get fired up, tensions can boil over and regrettable things happen every once in awhile.

Everyone understands that can happen. However, there’s a big difference between an isolated incident and this kind of garbage.

This can’t be tolerated under any situation. As you can see in the video, the police and coaches attempted to break it up, but didn’t have much success.

High school powers Buford and St. Frances Academy end game in a massive brawl. (Credit: Getty Images)

These are two prep powers. The eyes of the high school football world were upon them Friday night. Instead of acting with class following a big game, players decided to throw punches. Suspensions must follow.

It’s reminiscent of Michigan State players putting a beatdown on Michigan players in the tunnel following a loss. Criminal charges were brought in that situation. Will the same happen here? That remains to be seen, but out of control violence in sports can’t be tolerated.

Check back to OutKick for any updates we might have on the situation as they come in. This is definitely far from over.

Written by David Hookstead

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  1. I would normally say garbage human beings being garbage human beings, but look what these kids have been taught for the last several years. That it’s ok to act out your feelings by burning down cities and to attack people with whom you don’t agree. The right thing to do would be to suspend the whole St. Frances team for multiple games. Congrats on the poor sportsmanship after getting beat. Now you automatically lose your next 3 games.

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