Dylan Mulvaney Claims He’s ‘Having Trouble Sleeping’ After Bud Light Disaster

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Dylan Mulvaney responded to the backlash against him by claiming he can’t sleep at night.

Mulvaney and Bud Light have been facing intense scrutiny and criticism ever since a March Madness collaboration dropped at the start of April.

Mulvaney, whose brand is seemingly based around mocking women, posted a video with Bud Light acting like he was too stupid to understand sports.

The backlash was swift and unrelenting. Bud Light sales have tanked, people are dragging the beer brand and there’s no end in sight. Now, Mulvaney claims the situation is having a huge impact on his ability to sleep.

Bud Light defends Dylan Mulvaney collaboration. (Credit: Instagram and Twitter)
Dylan Mulvaney has been taking heat since Bud Light partnership. (Credit: Instagram and Twitter)

Dylan Mulvaney responds to backlash.

“It’s true, I’m having trouble sleeping,” Mulvaney claimed on the “Dear Schuyler” podcast, according to Fox News.

The transgender activist and social media personality further reacted to the criticism and added, “In a weird way, [it] has been a blessing to sort of break that people-pleasing mentality because there’s no way of winning those people over.”

Mulvaney, who has been relatively silent since the blowup, also claimed he’s attempting to have “grace with the situation.

“But the people who are targeting us right now, I’m trying to find grace for them because I know that this was planted from something else. And I can only hope that they will see the beauty and the humanity and the importance of an identity, and not try and strip that away,” he explained.

Dylan Mulvaney responds to Bud Light backlash. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Bud Light continues to get crushed because of Mulvaney collaboration.

While Mulvaney might want to offer his spin on the situation, Anheuser-Busch is doing its best to distance itself from this situation.

Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Michel Doukeris recently made it clear the situation with Mulvaney was a one-off and not an extended campaign meant for public consumption. Anheuser-Busch also reportedly fired the marketing firm responsible for the campaign.

Yet, none of that has done much to stop the bleeding. Bud Light and AB are still getting hammered. The debacle might be the greatest example on record of going woke and going broke.

Now, Mulvaney is attempting to play the victim card. I’m not sure anybody is going to buy it. His entire shtick is making fun of women while acting like a child.

The March Madness ad frames women as too stupid to understand sports. Do you know a single woman who doesn’t know what March Madness is? Of course not. The caricature of women is what people find so offensive, and it’s why Bud Light is getting crushed.

Bud Light continues to face intense pressure after Dylan Mulvaney disaster. (Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

We’ll see where Bud Light goes from here, but for now, the pressure isn’t letting up at all.

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  1. It’s not the caricature of women that people are so upset about and therefore why Bud Light is getting crushed. It’s the the unrelenting push to force us all to accept transgenderism for anything other than what it really is, a mental disorder.

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