Dwight Freeney Tells Dan Dakich About Being Best Buds With Michael Jordan

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Former NFL linebacker Dwight Freeney joined OutKick’s Dan Dakich on Tuesday’s edition of Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich to discuss his friendship with Michael Jordan and to dispel a rumor about His Airness’ private golf club.

Freeney told Dakich about how he wound up becoming good friends with Jordan and it was all thanks to the game of golf.

He talked about how golf has the power to connect people like him and Jordan despite having come from completely different sports.

“I got invited to his golf Invitational in the Bahamas. I think it was in 2003 or four,” the Colts great said. “And one of his good friends lived in Indianapolis — one of his best friends — and I was cool with that guy.”

Freeney said that he met Jordan after the tournament. From there, he became one of the guys who would get called up to go on trips with Jordan during the offseason.

“So, I kind of became friends with him early in my years at the Indianapolis Colts based on one of his best friends there,” he said. “And then we became really good friends obviously after that.”

Very good friends, in fact. Freeney even described Jordan as one of his best friends.

Dwight Freeney Talked Michael Jordan’s Private Golf Club And Whether It Was Built To Suit His Game

Given Freeney’s inside knowledge, Dakich had a question about Jordan’s private golf club in Florida known as Grove XXIII. He asked if it had been built to fit his playing style.

Freeney said that wasn’t exactly the case.

“The golf area in Florida; We don’t have a lot of links-style golf courses,” he explained. T”here really isn’t a lot of links-style. There’s a lot of lakes and a lot of this and a lot of that.”

He said that this was the reason Jordan built a links-style course because there weren’t many around.

Well, at least part of the reason. As Freeney says, it does just so happen that Jordan’s golf game is well-suited for that type of course.

“Now does a links-style course tend to trend more to his type of game when he bumps it up and he has a low-trajectory shot and it just keeps rolling? Absolutely,” Freeney said.

“I wouldn’t say he sat there and said, ‘I want to really kill everybody who plays me. Let’s see… what kind of course do I want to play?'” Freeney said. “I just think that he was more like, ‘Look, there’s no courses in the area like this. I like playing this type of course. Let’s do it.'”

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