FAU Coach Dusty May Alleges People Are Tampering With His Players

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People are apparently attempting to poach some members of Dusty May’s FAU roster.

The Owls will play SDSU in the Final Four Saturday, and no matter what happens, it’s already the greatest season in program history.

With success comes attention, and in the NIL era, there’s some downsides. Specifically, people with deep pockets might notice your players and attempt to steal them. May was already worried about this during last week’s games.

“You’re always concerned because they’re getting recruited now. They’ve been recruited through this (NCAA) tournament. It’s part of it. Our job as coaches is to do the best job we can every single minute of every single day to provide the environment that they think this is the best thing for them long-term. Not today, not in a week, not in a month but long-term,” May said before the Elite Eight started, according to The Palm Beach Post.

FAU celebrates a berth in the Final Four. Florida Atlantic defeats Kansas State
Dusty May claims people are tampering with his roster. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Dusty May raises the alarm on tampering.

Now that his team is in the Final Four, he’s doubling down on the claim people are messing with players, but he won’t name names.

“I’m not accusing any coaches, it’s usually a third party. There are middle men, third parties that have incentive to get kids in the portal and help them find another spot and then with the new rules who knows what happens after that,” May told The Palm Beach Post when explaining his comments.

FAU will play SDSU in the Final Four. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Name the names, Dusty!

The only way tampering ends is if people get publicly flamed. It’s the only way to end people messing with your program.

At the end of the football season, there were allegations people were tampering with Drake Maye, for example. The UNC QB was allegedly having bags thrown his way to leave the Tar Heels.

Ultimately, he stayed put. How do you end people messing with another coach’s roster? Publicly name and shame anyone doing it. That’s the only solution if it’s through third parties. There are NCAA rules about programs tampering with each other, which is why a third party is used.

So, go out there and let the public know. Let people know what’s up.

Will FAU win the national title? (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Nothing will change until that happens. Name the names, shame people trying to poach athletes and put an end to it. Not naming names will only allow the situation to get worse. Dusty May thinks it’s bad now? Just imagine what will happen if FAU wins the national title. His players will have their phones blowing up. Get ahead of it and stop it or the train will run you over.

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