Did Dustin Johnson Hurt Himself Having Sex With Paulina Gretzky?

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Dustin Justin’s reaction to being asked about injuring himself has opened the door to speculation bedroom activities are to blame.

Johnson missed the Saudi International tournament earlier in the year with an injury and there might be an unexpected person to blame:

Paulina Gretzky.

Dustin Johnson gives suspicious answer when talking about hurting himself. Is Paulina Gretzky to blame? (Credit: Getty Images)

Did bedroom activities with Paulina Gretzky cause Dustin Johnson to hurt his back?

The LIV golfer was asked what the situation was, and he noted he pulled a lower back muscle but that’s just where the fun was beginning.

Johnson was asked if he got hurt “swinging a club or lifting up a kid.” He cracked a smile, tried to contain himself and then simply said, “Yeah, lifting up a kid. A bigger kid.”

He was grinning ear-to-ear as the subject was immediately changed.

Very interesting response, Dustin!

Well, I think the video speaks for itself. Does anyone watching that video actually believe Dustin Johnson hurt himself picking up a kid of any kind?

Of course not. Not at all. He said it all without really having to say anything at all. Dustin Johnson is a “dawg” as the kids like to say.

He could have said nothing, but instead, he just slipped the media a huge grin and talked about the mysterious bigger kid.

Who could he be referring to? Who could Dustin Johnson possibly be talking about? It definitely can’t be his smoke show rocket ship of a wife, could it? Of course it likely is.

This was an all-time great humble brag, and everyone knew it. That’s why the conversation was quickly changed.

If Paulina Gretzky is to blame (seems like there’s definitely a case to be made), I don’t think any red-blooded male in the country will blame Dustin Johnson. It’s an understandable situation to be in.

Let’s hope he’s made a full recovery and it doesn’t happen again. His wife definitely wants him at full strength on the course…..and in all other aspects of his life, as well!

Written by David Hookstead

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